Minion Rush Mod APK 8.1.0f ( Unlimited Money )
Minion Rush Mod APK 8.1.0f ( Unlimited Money )

Minion Rush Mod APK 8.1.0f ( Unlimited Money )

By BQH - March 13, 2022
Name Minion Rush
Version 8.1.0f
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 124MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Casual
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Update March 13, 2022 (2 months ago )

Minion Rush inherits the success of Despicable Me. A popular animated series around the world. Tell about the super crazy Minions, cute and funny appearance. Has attracted great interest to gamers around the world. Here the player transforms into a mischievous Minion. Having to overcome many difficulties on the endless running journey. You will control the character skillfully to dodge the obstacles. Also, collect bananas on the way to increase resources and upgrade. At the end of each level, the system will present an extremely dangerous challenge. This can be considered an important gate that you need to pass if you want to move to a higher level with a new location. Trying to collect as many bananas will help a lot later. Freely unlock costumes, characters, weapons, support tools, etc. The gameplay has easy-to-understand gameplay, suitable for all ages. And bring the endless running theme that is taking the market by storm. Surely players will have moments of great entertainment and relaxation.

Download Minion Rush Mod – Join the endless run with the lovely Minion and collect bananas

Like many other endless run games, Minion Rush Mod has simple controls. So the player can understand everything from the beginning of the level. You will move Minion on 3 running tracks. When encountering obstacles, just swipe left, right, or swipe up to help the character dodge safely. And don’t forget to collect bananas. The danger is always lurking, appearing unexpectedly ahead. This is the reason why many players have to make unfortunate sacrifices and waste their efforts. Lose the towering achievement and return to the starting line with empty hands. So you have to be very careful, focused, alert. And handle the inadequacies skillfully. Running speed will increase over time, which means that obstacles appear continuously and densely. The only way to stay alive is to exercise regularly. Helps improve reflexes, decisive action, sharp thinking.

Minion Rush mod apk

Collect tools

On the Minion’s run are not only bananas but also great support tools. Help players score a lot of points, improve survivability and master the game. Golden Shield will knock down obstacles. Fluffy Unicorn mounts Minion on the unicorn and leads to the banana store. Mega Minion turns the character into a giant, sweeping everything. The magnet bar attracts all bananas nearby. Note: These special tools can only be used for a limited time. Therefore, it must be written to make reasonable use of it, and quickly break the game.

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Upgrade and customize

The player’s endless running journey is extremely arduous. To conquer long-term persistently requires Minion to have stamina and agility. Therefore, after completing each level, the character will be upgraded to power, increase running speed. And unlock skills such as somersaults, jumps, flying, etc. At the same time, receive huge bonuses, spoiled for spending on many other jobs. Let’s change the appearance of Uncle Minion to stand out anytime, anywhere. By shopping for gorgeous, beautiful costumes and adding some accessories such as Hats, glasses, necklaces, shoes, etc. To not look boring, help players confidently move forward. prior to.

Minion Rush mod apk

Various maps

Minion Rush Mod owns a diverse map system with beautiful scenery. The more it stimulates the curiosity and excitement of the players. For example City, town, desert, sea, forest, etc. You will be traveling all over the world. This can be considered a special trip of a lifetime. Just conquer the challenge and at the same time enjoy the colorful and poetic scenery. Each level is a location, offering a different thrill through dangerous challenges. Do your best, overcome all challenges, run non-stop. To explore all locations in gameplay.

Minion Rush mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the gameplay impress players at first sight. Designed with a 3D configuration, the image is as clear as a cartoon. Beautiful lighting effects when items appear. Bright colors contribute to making the scene more vivid. Create a funny, lovely Minion, always appearing with a new look. This is what melts the hearts of so many fans. The sound is diverse and bustling, just like in the movie. Funny, witty background music that changes continuously in each background.

When feeling stuck, tired due to work pressure, come to Minion Rush to relieve your mood. The gameplay is simple, so it won’t take up too much of your time. Please control the character skillfully, avoid all obstacles, collect a lot of bananas. Overcome all-important gates, have the opportunity to own attractive rewards, valuable items. Download Minion Rush Mod to discover interesting things in the endless running journey.

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