Mini World Block Art Mod APK 0.53.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Thông tin tổng quan
Tên Mini World Block Art
Phiên Bản 0.53.1
Tính năng MOD Unlimited Money
Kích Thước 285MB
Hỗ Trợ Android 4.4
Chuyên Mục Adventure
Cài Trên Google Play
Phát Hành SuperNice

Mini World Block Mod is an adventure game genre with a creative style so that you can satisfy your dreams of building and developing the city according to your liking. Released by SuperNice, players will experience sharp 3D graphics and quality visual design, giving you comfortable moments of relaxation when participating. Since its launch to this time, the game has attracted a lot of people because of its interesting gameplay and more than 10 thousand reviews from gamers. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and especially free to download on the App Store and Google Play. Besides, the Mod feature with unlimited money will help you have the best experience while playing.

Download Mini World Block Art Mod – Create And Build Dreams

Join the Mini World Block Art Mod you will experience an endless world and face the fear of many monsters appearing when the sun goes down, now all you need to do is find yourself a cave. to escape. To survive the hunting of monsters you need to stay in the cave until morning because it is time for them to return to their whereabouts. Please note that monsters are always hunting in dark places, so equip yourself with a torch so that the monster doesn’t come. Besides, players need to search for materials and items to serve the construction of great works. And enjoy the life of a real farmer, doing jobs that increase farm production and design.Game Mini World Block Art Mod

Attractive mode

For players to experience interesting things and increase attractiveness than Mini World Block Art Mod allows you to explore many different game modes. Includes survival mode, creative mode with ideas, and multiplayer mode. Each mode will have interesting features to attract players, in two modes of survival and creativity, players will have to find resources to build and design works in a separate style. However, the difference between these two modes is that in survival mode your character can be killed by surrounding impacts such as the environment, monsters in the forest even without food. So you make your own weapons to defend and destroy monsters that intend to attack. Or build a farm and cultivate, raise animals to make energy for yourself.

Make friend

If you are someone who wants to make friends and make friends everywhere, join the multiplayer mode of the Mini World Block Art Mod game together and develop and build a career. A great advantage when participating in the multiplayer mode is that you can build buildings in a very short time. Or form a team together to destroy monsters deep in the forest and large monsters. You will then receive a bonus amount corresponding to the achievement achieved while killing monsters. In addition, the game is also considered a social network for players to make friends and talk privately through text messages.Tai Mini World Block Art Mod


Once you have money in hand, players can enter the Mini World Block Art Mod store, where there are unique, splendid outfits that when used will highlight your character. Along with that are the necessary items to serve the personal development of many other things. Especially when the player can raise a pet with a unique shape, and it will help you in the journey of construction and development. However, everything will be satisfied with unlimited money, then you just need to buy everything and experience.

Graphics and sound design

With a unique style with construction and interesting design, Mini World Block Art Mod is designed with unique 3D graphics. With the design of everything in the form of a square, you will feel the difference when playing, along with the classic background and many different colors. Besides, house development has shaped characters with funny and cute shapes, giving you a smoother and more attractive feeling. Combined with the sound quality with playful music tunes, giving players even more exciting when participating.Mini World Block Art Mod

Mod feature of the game Mini World Block Art

  • Unlimited Money

When you download the Mod version of the Mini World Block Art game on our site, players will experience unlimited money. Then you can freely step into the store to quickly shop for beautiful costumes and buy necessary items for your job. Download Mini World Block Art Mod to experience a whole new world and become a real farmer, develop a career and build great works.

Mini World Block Art Mod APK 0.53.1 (Unlimited Money)



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