Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.8 (Menu, Unlimited Energy)
Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.8 (Menu, Unlimited Energy)

Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.8 (Menu, Unlimited Energy)

By CBCC - April 24, 2022
Name Mini Legend - Mini 4WD Simulation Racing Game
Version 2.7.8
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Energy
Size 197MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Twitchy Finger Ltd.
Update April 24, 2022 (1 month ago )

Mini Legend Mod opens daring car races on dramatic tracks. The race took place with intense competition between F1 racing cars. With a very fast pace and complexity. Requires a racer to have good car control skills. Join the game, you become a speed racer, cum professional car repairman. With the task of building F1 racing cars and customizing your own style. Then challenge racing cars in competitive races. It can be said that the work in the game takes place in a cycle. Repair, customize, and race. The game belongs to the racing game genre, simulating the process of car customization in detail. With lots of interesting features and game modes for you to explore. Win races, from there, you will become a professional racing driver.

Download Mini Legend Mod – Customize F1 Racing Cars To Conquer Speed ​​Races

More than 120 F1 racing cars are provided by Mini Legend Mod. Along with hundreds of car components and parts for you to build. Each car is designed with an impressive appearance and design. With a beautiful finish and powerful performance. Using the money you earn, you can choose a favorite racing car. Then you can customize the racing car with different components. Change wheels with tires that have better traction. Install a new motor to speed up the car in races. Or you can customize the aerodynamics of the car by equipping the front and rear bumpers. There are many other parts for you to modify. Overcome dramatic races with good achievements. From there, more and more parts of the car will be unlocked. Gradually, you can design your own F1 racing car.Ear Mini Legend Mod

The course of the race

Each race of Mini Legend Mod is held in real-time, with 3 laps. Your racing car will compete with another opponent. As soon as the race starts, the race car will automatically run on fixed routes. During the race, you can track the time to complete each lap achieved by the car. At the same time, it is not possible to control or affect the racing process. Only time, speed, and laps left can be tracked. Pass each lap in turn, completing the race with the shortest time. From there, you will win and get a bonus. Customize racing cars with new parts to increase performance. Continue to the next race. The difficulty will increase gradually, your opponent has more professional skills.Download Mini Legend Mod

Story mode with more than 250 levels to play

Coming to the story mode of Mini Legend Mod. You can participate in the single-player campaign. Beat your own achievements in many different races. Especially, more than 250 exciting levels for you to explore. Pass each level in turn with excellent achievements. Conquer extreme race tracks to win against your opponents. Complete the race with the maximum number of stars, 3 stars. You will receive rewards and experience points to increase the vehicle’s level. It doesn’t stop there, in some special racing levels. You will have to compete with racing tycoons. Compete against them in an intense race. After winning, you not only confirm the ability to customize cars professionally. But also have the opportunity to receive a lot of racing car components to continue upgrading.Game Mini Legend Mod

PvP online mode and team mode

Enter Mini Legend Mod’s PvP online racing mode. Your opponents are online players, from many parts of the world. Here, you will be competing with them in the speed race. See how your racing car competes with your opponent’s racing car. Continually win against online racers, your name will appear on the leaderboard. Not stopping there, the online mode also takes you to team races. Your task is to create and manage a racing team to compete with friends. With the group chat feature, people can talk to each other through the chatbox. At the same time winning will be climbing the team leaderboard. With the series of achievements that your team has achieved, it will be known by many other players.Mini Legend Mod

Mini Legend Mod also has a lot of online events for you to participate in. Experience special races, weekly races, and limited edition F1 races. Each event is held in the presence of many other riders. With its own gameplay and theme, all participants must adhere to. Will be competing against each other to find out which player wins. In addition, the game also provides daily tasks for you to perform. Complete missions every day, by winning races. You also get a lot of rewards.

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