Mini Football Mod APK 1.6.6 (DUMB ENEMY, NO ADS)
Mini Football Mod APK 1.6.6 (DUMB ENEMY, NO ADS)

Mini Football Mod APK 1.6.6 (DUMB ENEMY, NO ADS)

By CMB - November 25, 2021
Name Mini Football
Version 1.6.6
Size 152MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Update November 25, 2021 (4 days ago )

Football is the king sport that has existed, dominating the sports world for the past five hundred years. All countries and people around the world love this sport. Mini Football simulates soccer game in reality. The gameplay and rules are extremely professional, showing the level of the sport No. 1. Attracting an extremely large number of players, the stands are always crowded with enthusiastic cheering fans. Exciting atmosphere creates excitement for players. Take part in the ultimate soccer matches between countries around the world. Many major tournaments give you the opportunity to freely show off and show off your playing skills. There is a difference in the graphics of Mini Football Mod compared to other football games. The image of the players is quite funny, the body is small but the head is very big.

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The squad when playing on the field includes 11 players including: 1 goalkeeper, 5 defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 strikers. This is the basic, default formation arranged by the system for new players. When you are familiar with the gameplay and control, you can customize the formation and tactics to your liking. In a match, the two teams’ squads will have the colors of their respective countries. In case if the opponent matches your shirt color, pay attention to the blue circle at the foot of the player. That is a sign that helps you identify where your army is so that it can be easier to control and control. Mini Football Mod is a team sport, so there needs to be a good combination of players on the field. If not playing with friends, the player will have to take control of all the players in all positions on the field. Actions need to be agile,

Mini Football mod

Player system

Players are sold at different prices for you to freely build and arrange your squad. When first entering the game, the system provides players with a free squad by default. These players are not skilled, physically too prolific. If you want a strong squad, play better, you need to invest in buying new players with high football skills. Owning a famous athlete, good football skills is not difficult. But to have a quality squad, it costs a small amount of coins. Try to win championships in major tournaments. You will receive bonuses, use that money to buy the players you like.

Mini Football mod


The manipulations to control and control your squad on the field are quite simple. Wherever the ball rolls, the players will automatically run there. What you need to do is choose the right player to dribble and score. Pay special attention to the blue circle below the player’s feet. Enemies will be red, and blue is your team. Observe carefully, control the players to move smoothly, run in the appropriate place. Try to notice who is in the vacant position, unaccompanied. Pass the ball to that player to dribble, score a goal into the opponent’s net.

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The rules of the game in Mini Football Mod are something I find very difficult to understand from the game publisher. The players, even if they are badly played or want to complain, cannot do it. The referee on the field only plays the role of controlling the serve, penalty and game time. There will be situations where your player is being played badly by your team. But the referee still calmly ran around on the field. At such times, instead of being angry, stay calm and continue to focus on the progress of the match. Because the ultimate goal is to score goals against the opponent’s net, not find justice.


The opening part I said that Mini Football Mod has quite special graphics, unlike other football games. The entertainment in the construction and design of the image is enhanced. You can see the players look like cartoon characters. Humorous style, witty fun makes players laugh. Even so, everything is still happening in a positive direction, not overdoing it like some other games.

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Mini Football has the style and gameplay of the king sport. Attracted the attention of many gamers. Not because of the attractive content, is 1 sport in the world. But because this gameplay exploits the entertainment factor very well, giving players a very new experience. Helping you satisfy your passion, unleash your practice, develop your playing skills. Download Mini Football Mod to participate in top-notch, large-scale football matches around the world.

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