Minecraft PE Mod APK (Menu, Immortal, Damage, Unlocked)

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Overview information
Name Minecraft PE
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, Damage, Unlocked
Size 86MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Arcade
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Publisher Mojang

Minecraft PE Mod is an entertaining game released by Mojang with Pixel graphic style, players will experience a world full of fun with characters that are lost in the Lego cartoon. Besides, players will be involved in building houses from the simplest to the most elaborate like building castles. Along with that is developing a mighty army and leading the fight with dangerous criminals full of evil. Currently, the game is developed based on two platforms: IOS and Android to help players easily access and download in many different payment methods. However, if you want to join the game you need to spend an amount of 170,000 VND to be able to download it on the Google Play application.

Download Minecraft PE Mod – Join the Pixel world full of fun and fun

Minecraft PE Mod brings a completely new and attractive survival gameplay with Pixel graphics, in order to create a game full of fun and can be suitable for almost any age, the developer has had a lot of difficulty in Design and build an entertaining game environment for players. The scene takes place in a sketchy wilderness, everything is mostly in a green color of mountains and trees. With your appearance that will change everything, your main task is to build houses and farms along with developing weapons to fight the bad guys.Minecraft Mod


At the beginning when participating in Minecraft PE Mod, the player will be an empty-handed, then you will have to go looking for building materials to start building the smallest works like a house to live. Gradually after a period of development people can create their own resources and build up a supreme system. Besides this game allows you to create your own commands to develop your game world or create your own gameplay in the game system.

Farm development

Minecraft PE Mod allows players to build and create a fun farm with a lot of people, but you need to build buildings to accommodate more people. Along with that, pay attention to the development of weapons and armor to be able to fight the evil bandits who want to sabotage your farm. With a diverse weapon system such as sword, crossbow, knife, ax, … you can use at will and equip everyone to be able to fight the enemy.Game Minecraft Mod

Livestock and plants

For a farm building game, animals and plants are definitely indispensable, Minecraft Mod provides you with a variety of pets such as sheep, dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, … they are all These emotions are inspired by reality. Or plant plants like rice. After cultivating a period of time, players can harvest and sell to be able to make money and buy seeds to continue to grow farms or equip weapons to fight the bandits.


Pixel graphics of Hack Minecraft PE are designed in 2D, with a simple, rustic style of the farm, but those things will not affect the gameplay much or reduce the fun of the farm. game. Along with that are characters or beasts with funny and funny shapes, along with flexible and smooth movements, will help the game play smoother. Combined with the sound quality with playful and humorous music melodies will create more excitement for players when participating.

Mod feature of the game Minecraft PE

  • Deleted license check;
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account;
  • The character editor works with all unlocked features (  skins are not saved after exiting the game  );
  • After starting the game, click the circle button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following options (  works in single player only!  ):
  1. Immortality;
  2. High damage to all weapons (including enemy mobs);
  3. Perpetual musical instrument.

When downloading the Mod version of the Minecraft PE game, players will experience an infinite amount of money, then you will have a lot of money in hand and can spend on shopping without having to bother. it. With that huge amount of money, you should build great works and grow your farm to become more fun in the fastest way. Entertaining games help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download Minecraft PE Mod to grow your farm and fight against evil bandits with everyone.

Minecraft PE Mod APK (Menu, Immortal, Damage, Unlocked)
Mod: Turn on, off in-game menu to use the mod. Copyright unlocked



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