Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod APK 1.20 (Free Shopping)
Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod APK 1.20 (Free Shopping)

Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod APK 1.20 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure
Version 1.20
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 106MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Snapbreak
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Coming to the puzzle game Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod. You are the last hope of the world. With the task of finding the recipe for the antidote in the mind of a doctor who is gradually losing consciousness. The gameplay follows a deep story. Revolving around lots of fun puzzle activities. The game is built on vivid 3D graphics. With bright color combinations in many different contexts. Bringing you a fascinating puzzle adventure. Moreover, to increase the experience for players. Publisher Snapbreak has improved the difficulty of the game. New levels of play will bring their own challenges. Puzzle adventure that requires you to use your brain. Interact with various things to solve puzzles.

Download Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod – Puzzle Adventure in Memory of Doctor Amy Harris

The story of Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod is quite deep. In the context of the world being infected with a strange disease. By a scary virus. With the rapid spread of infection, those who get infected will be in danger. You can even lose your life if you don’t get help in time. This newly discovered virus, along with its variants, is very active. Not only the ability to quickly infect. They also move from sick people to healthy people. Making human life on the verge of extinction. At this time, Dr. Amy Harris was working on a cure. With the ability to overcome the virus. However, this is only the beginning of the difficult challenges that lie behind it.Mindsweeper Puzzle Adventure Mod

Searching for the recipe in memory

Continuing the story of Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod. After the drug treatment of Dr. Amy Harris was delivered to the government. An anonymous thief got information about the location of the drug. He broke in and successfully took away the chance to live for all mankind. Not stopping there, doctor Amy Harris, who has researched a cure. Unfortunately, he has been sick and is gradually losing consciousness. His life is in danger, could lose life at any time. Here, you take on a very important task. Dive into the doctor’s mind. Find the recipe for the cure before the doctor’s consciousness disappears. An adventure in memory with a series of different puzzles.Download Mindsweeper Puzzle Adventure Mod

Tasks according to each stage of the chapter

The background of Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod opens on an island. The task system is divided into chapters. In each chapter opens many different stages. To complete a stage, you need to collect enough items. They are hidden in many locations. Through the search to puzzle. Along with that, you will meet Dr. Amy Harris in his own memory. Through the chat to receive the quest. Follow the instructions to record recipes for healing potions. Complete each puzzle in stages to end a chapter. Then move on to a new chapter. With more interesting puzzles, taking place in the doctor’s memory. At the same time, the difficulty of each puzzle also increases.Game Mindsweeper Puzzle Adventure Mod

The first phase of chapter 1

Starting from the first chapter of Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod. In the first stage, Dr. Amy Harris is sitting in a small boat. After receiving his instructions. You will proceed to solve puzzles, by moving to interact with surrounding objects. Find the dirt egg on the hammock, unlock the chest to get the tools. Arrange the horizontal bars on the panel, use the tool to unlock them. Keep looking for the screwdriver to drill the earth egg. Then talk to your doctor to get the golden key. From there it is possible to complete the quest and end a stage. Go to the next stage. Your puzzle activities will take place in the lighthouse. Improve your puzzle skills, use your brain. Try to complete the quest to find the cure recipe.Tai Mindsweeper Puzzle Adventure Mod

The gameplay of Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Mod is quite simple. But it offers an exciting puzzle adventure experience. In particular, the picture quality of the game is bright. With a puzzle set that unfolds in a variety of environments, taking place in the doctor’s memory. For example on the beach, in the lighthouse, under the ocean, etc. Along with that, the 3D graphics are sharp. Incorporate live sound, with soundtracks in each chapter. Along with flexible sound changes, in each character’s activities when interacting with the surrounding environment.

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