MetroLand Mod APK 1.12.0 (Unlimited Money)
MetroLand Mod APK 1.12.0 (Unlimited Money)

MetroLand Mod APK 1.12.0 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - April 12, 2022
Name MetroLand - Endless Arcade Runner
Version 1.12.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 96MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Kiloo
Update April 12, 2022 (4 months ago )
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MetroLand Mod takes you to exciting races. The game is designed in an endless runner style. With the setting opened in a city, along with unlimited long roads. Role-playing as a character in the game, you will have to overcome all obstacles that appear on the road. As well as running as far as you can, gain faster speeds when using items during the run. Not just running on the streets of the city. You can also explore various places such as railways, overpasses, tunnels, and more. In particular, the game allows you to experience it in offline mode. Even without an internet connection, you can still play comfortably. Challenge your skills to achieve high scores in exciting races.

Download MetroLand Mod – Exciting Race Without Stop

The story of MetroLand Mod revolves around a guy. Being chased by a man with a black outfit. To escape the pursuit, he will have to constantly run forward. Join the game, you will play the role of a guy to start the race. Overcome all the challenges that appear on the way. During the run, you can change direction left, right, and center. Combined with the character’s jumping up and down skills. Dodge the obstacles that appear ahead. As well as not being caught by the man behind. Try to run as far as possible. Each step you run will help your score continuously increase. Run as far as possible to score. At the same time, the game will have no destination, you can only run until you can’t run anymore.Game MetroLand Mod

Lots of obstacles

During the race at MetroLand Mod. Players will have to face many challenges. Each location appears a lot of obstacles. From the cars speeding towards you, signboards are posted in many different places on the road. Or the trees in the city. To the trains on the tracks, the piles of sand lying on the pavement. There are many other obstacles that you will discover during the game. In particular, the obstacles will follow each other. But all are carefully calculated so that you can still pass. Obstacles are divided into 2 types, fixed and moving. Failure to do so will result in an accident. From there will be caught by the man chasing behind and have to stop the game.MetroLand Mod

Skills, increasing tempo

Skills are the most important factor in MetroLand Mod. It determines the achievement you achieve when the race stops. Watch for obstacles that appear ahead. Combine agile reflexes when running in locations with many obstacles around. Flexible use of finger controls. Quickly dodge, find the safest route to run. Over time, the tempo of the game will increase. At the beginning of the race, the character’s running speed is quite slow. But when you go further. The speed will increase faster, and the appearance of obstacles will appear more than before. Makes you focus. Just a little carelessness or lack of concentration will put you off the game.Download MetroLand Mod

Collect gold coins

Besides running away from the man in MetroLand Mod. You also have to collect the gold coins that appear during the run. They appear everywhere you go. On the roofs of cars and trains. Or on the road, on the tracks, even in the air. No matter where you run, gold coins appear. Collect as much as you can to use in many different things. Unlock new skins, upgrade equipment with longer use time. And much more.

Types of equipment

In the race of MetroLand Mod. The equipment will appear in some locations. The magnet will help you attract all the gold coins around. X2 speed will double the speed, can run faster. Or flying saucers help you fly in the air, without fear of colliding with obstacles. And many other pieces of equipment will appear for you to use. However, each item can only be used for a certain period of time.Ear MetroLand Mod

As soon as you step into MetroLand Mod. An impressive background appears before your eyes. A space full of life, with many bright colors. With sharp 3D designed graphics, with unique image quality. The shape of the obstacles is extremely impressive. Along with beautiful effects when using equipment during the race. Combined with flexible character movements. Expressed through the actions of running, jumping, and changing direction. Besides, the sound is lively with funny background music. Play along to the music as you collect gold coins.

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