Merge Animals 3D MOD APK 1.3.1 (Get rewarded for not watching ads)
Merge Animals 3D MOD APK 1.3.1 (Get rewarded for not watching ads)

Merge Animals 3D MOD APK 1.3.1 (Get rewarded for not watching ads)

By CBCC - January 10, 2022
Name Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race
Version 1.3.1
MOD Features Get rewarded for not watching ads
Size 91MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Update January 10, 2022 (1 week ago )

Come to the action game Merge Animals 3D Mod to explore science technology. Learn about scientific advances in altering human DNA. Here, you become a scientist, doing crazy research already. With the task of injecting animal DNA into the human body to create a mutant. Help them possess the abilities of the animals that you have injected the gene with before. The game combines elements of obstacle racing. After completing the new DNA development process. You will put them in the race to compete with other mutants. Test the ability of each type of animal DNA on the human body. Through challenges that take place in natural environments and treacherous obstacles. From there you will learn the effectiveness of each type of DNA.

Download Merge Animals 3D Mod – Transplanting Animal DNA On Human Body

In the lab of Merge Animals 3D Mod. As a scientist. Specialized in performing the tasks of transplanting animal DNA into the human body. You are free to get creative with the provided animal DNA types. Merge the DNA of animals to create a mutant. Possesses special abilities of animals. Although it is possible to freely perform experiments. However, you need to learn the characteristics of each animal. Because when injecting their DNA into the human body. At the injection site will grow strange limbs, characteristics of animals. Therefore, the game requires the creativity and thinking of a scientist. Along with an understanding of the dominant characteristics of each species. To create a special legacy, those characteristics can be used to conquer challenges.Merge Animals 3D Mod

More than 20 levels of play, the obstacles

More than 20 different levels, played out in races. Each level of Merge Animals 3D Mod presents a lot of challenges. Obstacles are the biggest challenge for mutants. These include lakes, brick walls, high cliffs, and cable cars. Along with that is the competition between you and 2 other mutants. Each of them possesses unique characteristics of each type of animal. You are the same, no one is the same. To be able to win the races. You need to develop the right animal DNA. Take advantage of that DNA to quickly overcome obstacles. Conquering each challenge in turn, you will continue to step into new levels of play. Compete with mutants with superior abilities than before.Game Merge Animals 3D Mod

The process of running the race, experience

During the races of Merge Animals 3D Mod. The mutants will compete with each other through the obstacles ahead. They will show the characteristics of each type of DNA implanted in the body. Try to pass quickly to reach the finish line. The person who finishes first will win. Also, have a chance to get new animal DNA. To be able to win the races. Besides developing animal DNA on the human body. You also have to be skilled in races. By controlling mutants to move flexibly. Sometimes it will be necessary to pinch the opponent to make them fall behind, not to pass. For example, when climbing on a high wall, if the opponent is about to pass. You quickly pinch them, by moving in front.Ear Merge Animals 3D Mod

More than 10 DNA of animals

At Merge Animals 3D Mod there are more than 10 types of DNA of different animals. Through that, there will be hundreds of combinations for you to perform. Each animal’s DNA has its own advantages in races. Help mutants overcome obstacles quickly. For example, can create a pair of eagle wings to fly in the air. A turtle shell or shark’s back to cross the lake. Spider or frog DNA makes it easier for mutants to stick to rough terrain on high walls. Or the giraffe’s head can shorten the distance when approaching the finish line. Or rabbit’s feet for luck in races. Depends on your creativity. It is possible to create a mutant with special variations of animals.Download Merge Animals 3D Mod

Colorful 2D graphics in the game Merge Animals 3D Mod. Along with an interesting character design style. Through the implantation of the DNA of animals on the human body. Incorporating animations demonstrated through DNA development in the lab. Along with the environment, the races are extremely diverse. With very flexible character movement effects. From swimming, rowing, flying, and punching moves. Impressively reproduced. Besides, the sound quality is vibrant. The fun background music is shown throughout the race.

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