Medieval Dynasty Apk 3.0.3
Medieval Dynasty Apk 3.0.3

Medieval Dynasty Apk 3.0.3

By trangha94 - August 9, 2022
Name Medieval Dynasty
Version 3.0.3
MOD Features N/A
Size 86.66MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games, Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher RoboBot Studio
Genre ,
Update August 9, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Medieval Dynasty is a very cool and attractive survival game. In this game, you will go through many different missions to be able to survive and survive. Follow to learn about this game.

Introduction to the game Medieval Dynasty

Introduction to the game Medieval Dynasty

In early medieval Europe, the aristocracy and clergy ruled. International trade promotes the greater the envy of the rich and the poor, and the greater the corruption. War is everywhere, and the continents are shifting.

You play as a young man in the Middle Ages. The one who left a strife and wanted to control his own destiny. You will go from unemployed, inexperienced and poor to a multi-skilled professional. You build a house and a busy town while forming a family. And gather resources and craft equipment, fending off wild creatures while searching for food. Build a house and a complete bustling village. It all adds up to a unique gaming experience across multiple genres. Hard winters and unforeseen circumstances. Everything will test your intelligence and agility.

How to play in Medieval Dynasty

How to play in Medieval Dynasty

You have the option of following the main chapters: Complete quests or just wander and explore the vast medieval environment. However, you need to be careful because wolves or bears may try to bite you. Start by doing the simplest things to ensure your own survival, such as creating a home for yourself and engaging in farming and hunting. Create a family and create heirs. Attract others to stay nearby and work for you. Build a variety of additional structures to turn your town into a bustling village. And finally a prosperous dynasty that will rule for a long time.

Features used in Medieval Dynasty

Some features used in Medieval Dynasty:

Create separate tools and weapons

Create tools and weapons, build and expand houses, stables and many other types of facilities as you expand your empire in this simulation.

Health is always good

Your character’s health will always be at an ideal level. In a dangerous world, it’s important to take care of yourself.

High Endurance, Unlimited

High Endurance, Unlimited

You won’t be able to complete some quests without stamina. You will be able to take advantage of stamina as much as possible if you enable this trick.

Lots of food

To move and keep the inhabitants alive, you will need food. You will have an endless supply of food thanks to this trick, ensuring everyone’s survival.

To get food, you will have to hunt, to survive and maintain the community. As you gain experience and take on new missions, your abilities will be challenged.

Increase game speed as desired

With Medieval Dynasty, you can speed up the game as you wish. From there, help complete the game quickly and without losing time.

Can use water endlessly

Every creature in the game needs water to stay alive. Therefore, it is very beneficial if your civilization has enough water to last for a long time.

Maximum weight gain

Activating this trick will increase the total number of items you can carry. From there, making your discovery more interesting and worth the experience.

Wide variety of devices to use

There are many different types of equipment in the game and each has its own purpose. For example, clothes help you survive better in the cold. At the same time, increase the amount of defense. While the crossbow can be used to hunt wild animals for food and protection.

You can craft equipment from resources you collect from quests. Or items you get from NPCs.

Unique sketch image

The image of the game is extremely detailed, according to the publisher: Day and night cycle, weather cycle. Flexible movements of the characters like real people… In addition, the enemies in the game will sometimes change dynamically in both strength and appearance. So definitely always make you feel fresh so you will play the game longer.

Excellent sound system, attracting participants

Game sound effects, such as: The gurgling sound you hear when near animals. And each animal’s voice matches its actual cry, which is amazing.

Medieval Dynasty questions and answers

Medieval Dynasty questions and answers

1. How long did the Medieval Dynasty in Medieval Dynasty last?

The main story can be completed in about 30 hours on average. The game has a certain amount of time each day that you have to stay awake, even if you are free to do whatever you want throughout the day. Therefore, you will not be able to forward in time.

2. What purpose did the Medieval Dynasty in Medieval Dynasty serve?

A novel combination of life simulation, survival and strategy building games found in the Middle Ages. Build your community and guide your people through medieval times as you explore a large, dynamic open environment.

3. How old is your youngest Medieval Dynasty character?

Racimir, an 18-year-old hardworking guy, is the player character when the game first begins. Although he once had a modest life on a farm. But being the eldest son is a challenge. He suddenly lost everything when the war started. He fled, heading for his uncle Iordan. He lived in a quiet valley far from the fighting.

Download Medieval Dynasty game for Android, IOS

Currently, has left a link to download Medieval Dynasty at the end of the article. Please try to download and experience this game to see how good and attractive it is. In addition, some games with similar gameplay you can refer to are: Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad , Last Viking , Let’s Survive ,…

Thus, we have come with you to learn about Medieval Dynasty. Hopefully, you can have a good reference to participate in the game to win.

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