Mathmages Mod APK 2.6.37 (Unlimited Money)
Mathmages Mod APK 2.6.37 (Unlimited Money)

Mathmages Mod APK 2.6.37 (Unlimited Money)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Mathmages
Version 2.6.37
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 82M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Casual
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Flying Saci Game Studio
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Mathmages Mod is an interesting role-playing game set in a tiny magical world. Here, you can play and learn by solving fun math equations. You can assemble a team of powerful magicians, then join them in battles. However, to help your character show skills, you need to successfully solve math problems. It can be quite simple, but sometimes it confuses you because you only have a few seconds to think. So, what will you do to pass these thrilling levels? Let us know your answer after experiencing the game with the mod version here.

Download Mathmages Mod – Explore the magical kingdom of magic

If you are a player who loves the JRPG genre, you definitely cannot miss Mathmages. It is a game from the publisher Flying Saci Game Studio and is currently available on Google Play. This game impresses many gamers with its simple but addictive gameplay. Battles are described vividly with a series of eye-catching colors, light, and sound effects. However, the game operation is quite simple, just touch the screen to play. Therefore, this game can be suitable for most gamers, especially kid gamers.


Build your team of adorable mages

Coming to Mathmages, gamers will have the task of gathering a team of magicians to fight the army from the dark. Their enemies are strange monsters, mutant plants, or even giant dragons. So it’s not easy to overcome all of them if you don’t have a strong team. Find and gather powerful mage girls with tiny and lovely looks. They will help you wipe out every enemy in each level to advance and unlock new levels.

The most impressive point of the game is the diverse character system. Each character has its own beauty and possesses a unique set of magical skills and impressive performance effects. You will see them with a small but mysterious appearance, inspired by anime characters. Besides, each character can belong to different classes, thereby defining their strengths and positions on the battlefield. So, think before you pick someone into the squad and during each battle turn.


Idle turn-based battles with logic reasoning elements

If you have prepared your squad, start participating in turn-based battles with the forces of darkness. Here, your task is to control the character in the team to perform skills on the enemy. But it’s turn-based, which means you’ll have one turn and then your opponent’s turn. You will have to choose a character and choose one of the 3 skills available to attack.

Besides, the gameplay of Mathmages Mod is also combined with logic elements. Those are interesting math puzzles that players need to solve to use the character’s power. It seems quite simple at first, such as 4+5, 8+4, 9-4… However, the longer the battle, the more complex the puzzles will become. The game may introduce the addition or subtraction of two or more digits, and when that happens, you may get confused. Note, you only have a certain amount of time to think and come up with an answer. If you can’t answer, you can’t attack the enemy.


Evolve and upgrade your character

The character system in Mathmages is really rich to explore. Players can unlock more new characters when they reach enough levels and have enough gold coins. Besides, they also need to upgrade their characters by advancing their level or equipping new weapons, new spells… Thanks to that, the characters will become stronger and stronger to conquer challenges. increasingly difficult.

Diverse game context and fun cartoon graphic style

Despite being a simple JRPG game, Mathmages still possesses many beautiful game scenes, helping to vividly reproduce the magical world of magic. You can see them through battles from dungeons to green forests, wooden houses, castles, caves … Besides, the character image in the game with cartoon-style is also very friendly. Moreover, the effects from the battles are very impressive, and the sound is also great with the soft, playful melodies.


So, does Mathmages interest you? It is not only an idle RPG but also a great experience with math. So, it will help you relax all the time and improve your ability to reason logically, develop thinking. Do not hesitate any longer, join it now to enter your adventure in the colorful magical kingdom. Don’t forget to download Mathmages Mod to your Android device to enjoy the special features.

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