Match Town Makeover Mod APK 1.24.2500 (Unlimited Money)
Match Town Makeover Mod APK 1.24.2500 (Unlimited Money)

Match Town Makeover Mod APK 1.24.2500 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - June 29, 2022
Name Match Town Makeover・Town Renovation Match 3 Puzzle
Version 1.24.2500
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 138MB
Requires Android 4.3
Category Puzzle, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher G5 Entertainment
Genre ,
Update June 29, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Match Town Makeover Mod used to be a dream town for many people. It is located on a beautiful beach with a very lively landscape. However, as time went by, the town gradually became old. To restore and improve constructions such as houses, amusement parks, and many other infrastructures.

You play as the woman Mary with the task of repairing and making the town as beautiful as before. Also, find ways to make the beach town a livable place. By building new buildings, contributing to the beauty of the town. Use your design ability to arrange the works appropriately. Build a dream town, give everyone a happy life. And make the town the most livable place on the big beach.

Download Match Town Makeover Mod – Build And Develop Town On The Beach

The game is released by G5 Entertainment with beautiful 3D graphics. Designed with interesting match-3 puzzle gameplay, bringing you to attractive puzzle levels. Your task in Match Town Makeover Mod is to build and develop the town. Houses, shops, amusement parks, and many other structures have faded over time. To restore everything and make the town the most livable place on the beach.

You need to participate in match-3 puzzle levels to perform your task. Each level corresponds to a building you can repair or build. Take turns collecting items and completing requests at each puzzle level. You can build a beautiful town with lively constructions.

Download Match Town Makeover Mod

Complete the match-3 puzzle game

Join Match Town Makeover Mod’s match-3 puzzle game. There are many items for you to collect such as shoes, hats, sausages, umbrellas, fish and many more. Your task is to arrange at least 3 items of the same shape and color in a horizontal or vertical row. With the goal of collecting enough items that the system gives in that level to complete the task.

For example, collect all 20 shoes, 15 hats, and 10 umbrellas. There are many other quests waiting for you to discover. In each match-3 puzzle game screen, a colored ball will appear. It has the ability to create extremely powerful lightning, allowing you to collect an entire optional item on the current screen. This helps you to complete the progress faster, while also achieving a higher achievement score. After completing the quest, you can renovate your house or build a new one.

Match Town Makeover Mod

Hundreds of levels, increasing difficulty

Not disappointing players, Match Town Makeover Mod opens hundreds of different levels of play. Each level corresponds to a quest so you can do the town development work. Completing each level, in turn, will help you improve many buildings and can design beautiful towns. At the same time, the difficulty of the game corresponds to the task you need to do and will increase each time you enter the next level.

Items to collect will be more and more, with the same items appearing less and less. Make it difficult for you to solve the puzzle, sometimes you will have to use help. Requires puzzle skills and you need to improve through each previous level to complete the mission.

Ear Match Town Makeover Mod

Complete levels, spend money to repair and redesign the appearance

Start the first level of Match Town Makeover Mod. Your task is to clean and repair the 2-story house near the beach. By collecting 18 pairs of purple shoes in a match-3 puzzle game. After completing the puzzle will help you get a gold coin. Use the collected gold coins to clean up the house to become new and shiny. At the same time, you can choose 1 of 3 designs of the house as you like.

Finding someone to live in and choosing the house they want will help you make more money. In turn, the renovation and redesign of buildings in the town will create conditions for many people to come and live. From there will help you develop a beautiful town with bustling life.

Match Town Makeover Mod

Match Town Makeover Mod owns a series of different works. Including houses, shops, docks, and many other constructions. Each project is designed with unique beauty, along with vivid colors. However, if you want to build a beautiful town, it will take a lot of time. It’s a process that requires puzzle skills to develop your town into a livable place.

Download Match Town Makeover Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

Attracting many tourists to visit and stay. Besides, the melodious and gentle background music is played throughout the playing process. Let you have a fun experience in match-3 puzzle levels to build a town.

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