Masketeers Mod APK 3.5.1 (Menu, One Hit, God Mode)
Masketeers Mod APK 3.5.1 (Menu, One Hit, God Mode)

Masketeers Mod APK 3.5.1 (Menu, One Hit, God Mode)

By LMH - May 30, 2022
Name Masketeers
Version 3.5.1
MOD Features Menu, One Hit, God Mode
Size 152MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Games, Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Genre ,
Update May 30, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Masketeers Mod is an action role-playing game, giving players relaxation after stressful working hours. With attractive and extremely attractive gameplay, you will be transformed into heroes with a mysterious face to fight the dark forces inside society at that time. You will not regret downloading and experiencing this game. Currently, the game has been widely developed on both iOS and Android operating systems, so download it now and experience it.

Download Masketeers Mod – Against Evil

When experiencing the Masketeers Mod game, you will step into a world of magic and discover the mysteries in it. Here there are heroes empowered by masks, they will join you to fight the dark forces that dominate within society. The journey against evil is very fierce, difficult, do not let yourself be trapped in the dark, but gain strength and go to victory. You will be asked to find and convince heroes to create a great power together.

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen mod

Increase level and combat power

Like other action role-playing games, Masketeers Idle Has Fallen also needs to increase the power to the pinnacle of magic. Killing monsters along the way will give you more experience and increase the hero’s speed significantly, which is an important factor for players to speed up the game. Each Masketeer will be equipped with a mask and some other items. Collect and equip them with the most suitable items for their champion for the greatest power boost. The higher the level you will unlock more powerful combat skills. In addition, it is also a factor that makes you able to summon how many allies to side with you. Upgrading your attributes to increase your main stats is also a way to increase your strength significantly.


Like other games, Masketeers game also has 2 main and side quests. The system will provide players with a variety of tasks that make them earn a lot of items, tools, and coins. Use those items so you can upgrade your super items. Coming to the main mission, you will take your heroes to the battlefield to fight the big boss. The interspersed missions will give you a great feeling of pleasure. The main mission requires a lot of super items or weapons that you can only earn and upgrade when you hit the side quest.

Ear Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod


You can get side quests from villagers during your move to the main quest. To defeat the enemy, you need to combine the skills of your team. Use your basic skills skillfully and create a chain of combinations for the final attacks. If you want to do these things, you need to read carefully and practice the martial arts mastery of your generals.


The equipment store of Hack Masketeers is very focused on by the publisher. The equipment system is extremely diverse, but the most important thing is that you need to find the masks. They give you unlimited power, to be able to fight extremely dangerous monsters. Because the equipment inventory has a lot of items, you must choose for yourself the masks that best suit your battle strategy. In addition, you also need to master the spheres of infinite power and unleash the attacks of the Masketeers. You need to use them wisely along with special orbs to fight the dark forces.Game Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod

Graphics, sound

Masketeers graphic design in sharp 3D. The publisher has created unique and realistic images to show the authenticity of fierce battles. The vividly designed character and the monster system have created an interesting feeling. Skill and skill effects create excitement, giving players an unforgettable experience. The sound in the game is mainly background music and battle sounds, and the character’s voice is also voiced in combat.

Money is the main unit to use for upgrades and purchases. When experiencing the game, you need a lot of money, but hitting and doing tasks is very little, not meeting your playing needs. So we’re here, for a faster experience. Equipped with masks and runes with many other small rarity rewards. Through experience, rise above the challenge and reach higher levels. In this version, the bonuses from fighting monsters and doing quests will be increased many times, speeding up your coin income. From there, you can quickly reach the threshold of strength you most desire, making the journey easier. So pick up your phone and download Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod right away and experience the charm of the game.

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