MARVEL Strike Force Mod APK 5.7.1 (TeamAR Gift)
MARVEL Strike Force Mod APK 5.7.1 (TeamAR Gift)

MARVEL Strike Force Mod APK 5.7.1 (TeamAR Gift)

By CBCC - October 14, 2021
Name MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG
Version 5.2.0
MOD Features TeamAR Gift
Size 138MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Scopely
Update October 14, 2021 (2 days ago )

Lead superheroes in the Marvel world, even villains. Players assemble a team of 5 heroes to attack the opposing forces. Defeat them in a dramatic RPG battle. Use each hero’s unique skills to make enemies die. This is a MARVEL Strike Force Mod game designed with attractive RPG combat gameplay. At the same time, the developer Scopely built a turn-based battle style. Make you attractive when you can effectively exploit the fighting power of each hero. What’s more, the skill effects are faithfully reproduced. With vivid 3D graphics, create an intense battlefield. The appearance of each hero at the beginning of the war is shown in a unique style. Make you feel like you are fighting in the Marvel world.

Download MARVEL Strike Force Mod – War Between Super Heroes and Ultimus Force

In the world of Marvel, the Earth is facing danger, close to doom. Caused by a dark force appearing, the sinister boss Ultimus led. He leads an army of war with a plot to destroy the world. Turn the Earth into a colony, engulfed in unrecoverable darkness. In the context of near doom. MARVEL Strike Force Mod calls upon the heroes who once defended the world to appear once again. Also, call for support from the villain warriors in the Marvel world. Form an alliance to fight and protect the world. Now, heroes, as well as villains, no longer fight with each other. They become the heroes of the Earth with a mission to protect the world. Fight together with the aim of defeating the dark forces of the evil boss Ultimus.MARVEL Strike Force Mod

System of heroes in Marvel

When participating in MARVEL Strike Force Mod, players will meet familiar heroes. Not only that, but you can also accompany them in battles. The series of characters that the game provides such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Venom, Loki, Hulk, Captain America, etc. And there are many other heroes and villains in the Marvel world. Each character has their own fighting ability. They will recreate those unique skills in battle. For example, Spider-Man can shoot spider webs and lunge at enemies to deliver a kick. Moreover, when using special skills, it is possible to use spider silk to curl and pull enemies into the air.Game MARVEL Strike Force Mod

RPG gameplay, battle progress

The gameplay of MARVEL Strike Force Mod takes place in RPG style. You choose heroes, villains in Marvel to assemble into a team of 5. Start the war with the army of Ultimus. The battle is turn-based, the two sides will take turns attacking. When it’s your side’s turn to attack, each hero on the team will take turns attacking. For example, the first turn this hero has attacked, the next turn will be another hero. They use personal skills to make the enemy lie down. Also can use special powers to deal large amounts of damage to the target. Make them Knockout with a single hit. Besides, the war only ends until one of the two factions is completely defeated. The faction you win will receive a lot of valuable items, which can be used to upgrade heroes.Ear MARVEL Strike Force Mod

Tactics, power up

The battle in MARVEL Strike Force Mod requires player strategy. Choose the right hero and use their individual skills effectively. With the cooperation of heroes in the process of fighting. Support each other to defeat the army of Ultimus fitness. Moreover, the battle will increase in difficulty as you progress to the following levels. Not only facing strong enemies. You also have to fight the boss or captain of the Ultimus army. If the heroes on your team have no combination. Or you can’t exploit the maximum strength of each hero, it will be easy to lose. Equip items collected after battles. Upgrading the strength of each hero increases their fighting ability.Dowload MARVEL Strike Force Mod

Besides the wars with Ultimus’s dark army. Players can participate in online battles with other players. Join them to fight through the dramatic 5vs5 battle. Show off the power of your Marvel army by defeating enemy forces. Besides, MARVEL Strike Force Mod provides a series of attractive features waiting for you to discover. Unleash the power of the entire team with the continuous attacks of each hero. Causes enemies to take large amounts of damage at once. It is even possible to be defeated in just a few waves. However, you also need to be on guard, because it is impossible to predict the enemy’s combat strength in advance.

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