Manganelo APK 1.0.0
Manganelo APK 1.0.0

Manganelo APK 1.0.0

By naomi988 - September 21, 2022
Name Manganelo
Version 1.0.0
MOD Features N/A
Size 3M
Requires Android
Category Apps
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Price FREE
Publisher Hmzyy
Update September 21, 2022 (19 seconds ago )
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If you are looking for an application that provides attractive manga series, then Manganelo will meet this. The application allows users to read a variety of comics, with a detailed experience through the article below.

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About Manganelo

Manganelo is one of the first manga reading sites where all the latest manga manga uploads can be found today in the market. Most of today’s manga reading sites, manga book databases as well as manga search engines use the Manganelo database to provide content.

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Some outstanding features on Manganelo

With the ability to quickly update the story every day, this is considered one of the plus points that make users love using Manganelo. This application is regularly updated, some comics have been updated with new episodes daily, this means that a week users will be able to watch up to 7 chapters, not users have to wait 1 week for 1 episode anymore. .

In addition to reading stories, Manganelo also creates some additional conditions for posting stories or novels that users create and submit to the application. The identified products will be copyrighted by the registration tool and can be turned into manga on Manganelo. That helps you to convey your stories to more readers. At the same time, the application is optimized for the user’s experience in the process of reading comics such as auto-returning or switching pictures without you having to tap the screen.

How to read manga on Manganelo by phone

Step 1: Download the Manganelo app on LMHMOD.

Step 2: Users proceed to open the application, select some favorite comic genres such as Love / General or Action / Fiction. You can customize the comic language by clicking Multi-language.

Step 3: In the main interface of the application, the user clicks on the Me tab below -> selects the Register, then the user proceeds to log in to the application by some of the following ways such as Google, Facebook, Zalo, AppleID.

Step 4: To search for comics, users click on the search magnifying glass icon in the upper corner and then enter the comic name. Next, go to the series you want to watch -> Click Start watching.

Step 5: In the process of reading comics, users can comment directly on the comic they are reading. As well as customize the options to rotate the screen vertically to landscape, or switch the image quality from HD to SD, and can automatically switch chapters, or turn on the status bar to use.

Step 7: At the same time, users can also let the series automatically scroll the page at different speeds: 1x, 2x by clicking the Play button. In addition, if users find the collection of stories they are watching quite attractive and want to share it with their friends, then click on the 3 dots icon above -> select Share on Facebook or Zalo, Instagram.

Manganelo APK {{version}}

FAQs about Manganelo

Is Manganelo Free?

The application when downloaded from LMHMOD will not cost any. You can safely download and install without worry.

Does Manganelo APK need a network connection?

Manganelo also creates conditions for users to post stories / novels that they themselves have composed and submitted to Manganelo. The products that are determined to be copyrighted by the application will be able to turn into comics on this application. Thereby helping users convey their own stories to more readers.

What age group is Manganelo suitable for?

The application is suitable for all ages, from children to teenagers or adults. This is because the comic store here is very diverse, anyone can read it easily without obstacles. However, if you are at a young age, ask an adult to manipulate the application to find your favorite story. At the same time, parents can control what content their children are watching to adjust the most appropriate.

Download Manganelo APK for Android

Above is an article that guides users on how to read manga on Manganelo of thousands of genres. Hopefully with this information will help you can manipulate more easily. At the same time, LMHMOD wishes you to have moments of enjoying your favorite comics to the fullest. What are you waiting for without downloading the mobile application immediately to experience it right away.

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