Make More Mod APK 3.0.11 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - September 3, 2021
Make More Mod APK 3.0.11 (Unlimited Money)
Name Make More!
Version 3.0.11
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 28M
Requires Android 4.1
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Bad Crane
Update September 3, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

In fact, you can see that Make More Mod is a game that runs a small factory to produce the goods that the person above proposes. The game is developed by Bad Crane you will become a manager that can be considered as the biggest in the factory. Operate so that workers can produce the most finished products as quickly as possible. Calculate how to recruit enough workers without wasting resources. But always ensure the quantity and quality as required. How to have smart strategies for employees to work at full capacity as quickly as possible. Here you have all the right to decide including personnel matters. If it is lacking, you can get more, if it is poor, you can replace it with someone else. So that every right time to make the right product as required.

Download Make More Mod – Factory Operation And Development

Exactly, this is a leisurely game, into the game you don’t have to work too hard to play, causing stress on the brain. Which you just need to press or press with your fingers to control. In Make More Mod, your job is simply to see where you need to add more staff. Arrange these people in order, at first, when new employees are put into operation, they are not familiar with the job. Up you will see that they will work very slowly, how to speed up their work to quickly complete the product. Every time you change to a product with a different shape, this is the time to take action. Manage employees in the fastest time to get the job done. Make your factory seen by bigger bosses meet even more targets.Tai Make More! Mod

Product manufacturing

Make More Mod makes you a manager or director of a company, but you are just a person in the middle. There are still senior leaders above, you have to follow the work they give you. There will be tasks to produce custom items from above, you have to direct the staff to produce it. Not just stopping at a single product, if so, it’s too simple for your work. It is necessary to bring your factory to produce all the products in sufficient quantity to save labor time. Then there are other products depending on the requirements set forth.Download Make More! Mod

Factory Scale Expansion

When you are familiar with your job, the boss above will have some confidence in you. Make More Mod gives you multiple orders to produce. There are times when it’s too much with just one factory to be able to produce in time, not wanting to delay the schedule. You are required to expand to other factories, each of which specializes in manufacturing a certain product. Then have to buy more tools to work. And of course, expanding the company requires recruiting new workers. Start training those employees as quickly as possible. Let them get used to the job of quickly completing assigned orders.Game Make More! Mod

Graphics, Sound Catching Ears

Do not think that the design of the game is simple without the fights, the gunfights have no special effects. Just tables with an employee sitting there with tools to create products. But the game attracts players in a separate way. Game Make More Mod is extremely light with low capacity and runs without lag or lag when used. The gameplay develops for you to practice managing a factory, creating products with different shapes. Pictures of cute animals or toys. The sound makes listeners catch the ear, there are funny veteran tones.Make More! Mod

Built according to the factory management environment, arranged for employees to produce products. Make More Mod meet the requirements of the rush orders, must open more factories, expand the production scale. Then you will need capital to have enough resources to develop. If you play the original, you can only count on the profits from the product orders. But it will take a long time to accumulate and try to have any hope of opening more. With the Unlimited Money feature that this version has been updated on, money is no longer an issue. In the game your money immediately reaches the maximum value, can open many different factories to meet the orders.

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