Magica Arena APK
Magica Arena APK

Magica Arena APK

By pew999 - August 9, 2022
Name Magica Arena
MOD Features N/A
Size 319.14
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Games, Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Auer Media & Entertainment
Genre ,
Update August 9, 2022 (3 days ago )
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Magica Arena in recent years has made a strong impression on the mobile game market. This is an extremely popular role-playing game, with interesting gameplay that makes many people excited. Here is some information to download Magica Arena to iOS/Android phones.

Introduction to the game Magica Arena

With the perfect combination of role-playing and Idle genres, Magica Arena has created a craze for a long time among gamers. This game is set in a colourful magical world. Here, players can choose their own characters and transform them into a mysterious world to fight monsters.

Depending on the character and the formation the player arranges, the fighting power will be different. There are many different races in the game including the Seven Seas Federation, Wolfheart Tribe, Red Lotus Empire, The Shadows, Arctic Union, and Goddess Sect. They all live in the world of magic and each has a different contrast.

Players need to consider choosing a race to role-play and adjust tactics accordingly. On the battlefront, the key to victory is the skill of arranging formations and strategizing. Players need to think and study the countermeasures of each type to come up with the most effective gameplay.

Arena, Endless mode, The Dungeons, Guild system, and Bounty quests are the five main game modes. A quality rating will be assigned to various item types. The five levels of quality are Non-set, Savant, Warrior, Royal, Immortal, Death, Classical, Frost, Burning dragon, and Red Lotus, and they range from low to high. While the game progresses on its own, they will be automatically looted and equipped. Additionally, even when you are offline, you can upgrade your heroes by earning resources! Join Magica Arena today to take control of the land!

Exciting things only at Magica Arena

Magica Arena

Anime style graphics

Although it has a modern style of fighting style. However, Magica Arena is designed in anime-style graphics. Each character is shaped according to the colours of Japanese anime characters.

The charm and charisma of the game are clearly depicted through each carefully invested image. In particular, the skill graphics of each character are extremely beautiful, creating a sense of excitement when playing.

Diverse races with different fighting power

Magica Arena gives players a very diverse colour with 6 races in the same world. Each race will have its own unique features and special fighting abilities from warriors such as Priest, Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Knight, Archer… Players can choose for themselves the warriors they like to bring. into battle formation.

Instructions to download Magica Arena to iOS/Android phones

Currently, to download this game you have to search online for a long time to see the link to download the game. However, as long as you visit the LMHMOD website, you can easily bring this game to your phone. The steps to proceed to download are performed according to the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Open the LMHMOD website on your phone browser and search for the application.
  • Step 2: Select the link to download the Magica Arena game to iOS/Android.
  • Step 3: Verify the safety of the downloaded application through Settings > Security > Magica Arena > Verify trusted apps.
  • Step 4: Wait for the device to automatically install the application and start registering a gaming account.

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Frequently asked questions when downloading and playing Magica Arena

magica arena

Do downloading games require a lot of space on your phone?

This game has a capacity of 319MB, a fairly low number compared to other games. So you don’t need to spend a lot of phone space to download the game.

How much does it cost to download the game?

Currently, this game has provided as a free download for users in Vietnam. You just need to follow the steps we have listed, the game download process will be free of charge.

How to register for an account to play Magica Arena?

Currently, the account registration is done in 3 ways. You can register directly with your Facebook affiliate account, google account and phone number.

Download Magica Arena MOD APK for iOS/Android now

Magica Arena is an interesting game for you to experience playing on your phone. So, follow the steps in the article to start installing the game!

DOWNLOAD (319.14)
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