Mad GunZ Mod APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Ammo)

By CBCC - August 16, 2021
Mad GunZ Mod APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Ammo)
Name Mad GunZ
Version 2.3.1
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo, Free Shopping
Size 96MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Full HP: Best Shooters & Action Games
Update August 16, 2021 (1 month ago )

Everything is normal, just like every day waking up from being awakened by the distortion, then suddenly a strange phenomenon appears, not knowing what happened, you are swept up in a world with strange things. You see everything changing you are in another world you don’t know how to return to. Mad GunZ Mod is to bring you into that world, you will have to participate in gun battles in a certain space and gradually narrow, also with magical weapons. Game developed by Full HP: Best Shooters & Action Games, find a way to survive, use weapons to attack and defend yourself in the fight with the opposers, use techniques to fight. Become the last survivor, become the winner

Download Mad GunZ Mod – Join the War of Survival

In the game, you will see Mad GunZ Mod in a 3D shooting style, but everything is built in the form of Pixel animation, but not inferior to any game or less attractive. The game is based on Game Fortnite, but it has a lot more optimization as it is lighter for easy loading and control over speed without lagging while playing. You will still play the role of the character who landed from the sky and then earned weapons to fight with players just like you were brought in here. There are weapons pre-installed to help you get materials to build shields when fighting, if you know the combination, it will be very beneficial for you, combine smoothly while shooting and avoid becoming the winner.Application Mad GunZ Mod

Fighting With Player

This is a shooting game you will be entering in a specified area not fighting with machine-generated characters or pre-installed games like that. That in the matches in Mad GunZ Mod you will have to fight with other players everywhere, just connected to the network. There are many very good people, you have to see the fastest jump down to get weapons with guns to destroy the enemies otherwise you will be attacked. Please destroy all other players that are the enemies or they will kill you, carefully calculate using the weapon terrain to become the last survivor.Game Mad GunZ Mod

Unique Weapon System

This Mad GunZ Mod game as well as battle royale games are shooting games, or like shooting games on a certain area like PUBG or Fortnite but its weapons are completely different. No longer lifelike guns without relying entirely on real weapons, the weapons in this game are extremely unique, with countless different shapes in cartoon style. Every weapon or equipment is designed with unique ideas that bring vivid color to the shooting game, a bold idea that accentuates the game in a shooting style compared to other games. given earlier.Mad GunZ Mod

Novelty Design Graphics

Still a fighting game on certain terrain, 3D shooting is designed with a first-person perspective, still shooting with other players to destroy them to be the winner. But this Mad GunZ Mod game is designed in the form of Pixel animation, the game is more fun, there are maps designed for unique combat, everything in the form of a box. From players to houses, trees, weapons are built differently, but bring more excitement to the player. Or the bullets fired from the guns are also changed from the real traditional gun bullets.Mad GunZ Mod

With games like Mad GunZ Mod, it’s a shooting game when participating in mortal battles just having a little advantage over the opponent you can win or be killed. In the shooting game, having Infinite Ammo is a great advantage for you to win, do not worry about running out of bullets anymore, you can attack freely, fire all the way to suppress the enemy. Or you can shop for Free for yourself the most unique weapons, the best in the game, or even buy everything, will not lose money to make hard anymore.

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