LifeAfter: Night falls Mod APK 1.0.160 (Full)
LifeAfter: Night falls Mod APK 1.0.160 (Full)

LifeAfter: Night falls Mod APK 1.0.160 (Full)

By CBCC - March 19, 2022
Name LifeAfter: Night falls
Version 1.0.160
Size 78MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher X.D. Global
Update March 19, 2022 (4 months ago )

Come to the adventure game LifeAfter: Night falls Mod. Players experience the feeling of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Designed survival shooting gameplay. Your mission is to fight zombies, protect lives from those who spread disease. This is the third version in the LifeAfter game series of publisher XD Global. Lots of new features were added. Although the game’s plot has not changed, the content has been completely redesigned. Besides fighting with zombies, you also get to explore a lot of new areas. Not only fighting on land but also fighting at sea and in the air. At the same time, Zombie has been upgraded, strength and endurance are durable. Promises to bring you an attractive survival battle.

Download LifeAfter: Night falls Mod – Survival in the Post-Apocalyptic World

The context of LifeAfter: Night falls Mod opens in a large forest. Here, you meet Aleksey, a man who survived the war with zombies. In the early stages, Aleksey will guide you to do different jobs to survive. Use the ax to cut down the trees, use the hammer to smash the big rocks. Collect materials to craft and find food to sustain life. Accompanying you is a dog, an effective assistant in the battle. Besides, you need to move to every location to search for resources. At the same time, you must regularly monitor your own health. Quickly eat food to restore health and continue survival. Not only alone, but you can also meet other people. They are all lucky survivors after the pandemic. You can form a team with everyone to survive.Download LifeAfter Night falls Mod

The scene is cruel, Zombie appears

After the historic blizzard, accompanied by the spread of the virus covering the whole world. A scene of human doom unfolds. Human civilization, great works have been completely destroyed. Humans due to the spread of the virus have become scary zombies. When night falls, the world appears a deadly hell. Zombies appear rampant on the road, they not only attack the survivors. It also makes them mummy after they die. You are one of the lucky survivors of the historic pandemic. However, not only fighting with Zombies to survive. But you also have to face many other challenges. Food sources were exhaustion, hunger, and the cold of the night weather. There is no other way, you have to go out to collect resources and food.Tai LifeAfter Night falls Mod

Watch out for zombies, fight scary bosses

In the survival journey of LifeAfter: Night falls Mod. Zombies appear out of nowhere, anywhere. Not only a few names, but you will also have to face a team of zombies. They will rush to attack, if you lose focus can be in danger. Even lost his life. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in all situations, always ready to fight. Use the weapon in your hand, attack the enemy to protect your life. However, don’t just fight the zombies. Sometimes, you will have to fight their boss. Those are fearsome monsters, possessing huge amounts of blood. The ability to endure sustained damage, with strong fighting power. This is the hardest challenge in your survival journey. Requires flexible combat skills, moving on the map to dodge attacks. At the same time, react quickly,LifeAfter Night falls Mod

Weapon Crafting

Weapons are one of the main tools for you to protect yourself and fight zombies. Here, LifeAfter: Night falls Mod provides you with a lot of different weapons. In the early stages, you can make some rudimentary weapons such as axes, hammers, etc. After a while, when you collect rare materials. Using them, you can craft high-damage guns. Besides, in the process of survival, using appropriate weapons will help you exploit resources effectively. For example, using an ax can easily cut down trees or a hammer helps you break rocks faster.Game LifeAfter Night falls Mod

Not only fighting to survive, but you also have important tasks to do. Find a suitable location, start the base building process. For the purpose of building one last sanctuary of humanity. At the same time, LifeAfter: Night falls Mod allows you to form an alliance with other players. Fight and survive together in a dangerous world. Not only that, when getting help from teammates. You easily defeat the scary boss quickly.

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