Legend of Solgard Mod APK 2.27.1 (Unlimited Money, Energy)
Legend of Solgard Mod APK 2.27.1 (Unlimited Money, Energy)

Legend of Solgard Mod APK 2.27.1 (Unlimited Money, Energy)

By CBCC - March 23, 2022
Name Legend of Solgard
Version 2.27.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Energy
Size 98MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Snowprint Studios AB
Update March 23, 2022 (2 months ago )

Legend of Solgard Mod opens a beautiful RPG fantasy world. This is an action role-playing game. You will play the role of the heroine Embla to participate in epic battles. Fight enemies to stop their plot to change the world. A series of quests take place, revolving around RPG battles. The game offers many interesting features. From graphics, effects, to the environment where the battles take place. Everything is reproduced in a lively space. Along with turn-based combat gameplay, combining strategic elements. Bringing epic battles extremely attractive and dramatic. Along with that, there are also a few things you need to keep in mind. Although it is a free game. But during the game, there will be some items that require payment with real money.

Download Legend of Solgard Mod – Embla Heroine’s Fight To Protect The Kingdom

The setting of Legend of Solgard Mod opens in a kingdom. Inspired by a Norse legend. Revolving around the fight of the heroine Embla. It all started with the doomsday prophecy Ragnarok. The icy gates opened, leaving many creatures frozen forever. At the same time, mysterious monsters also appeared. The plot is to invade the kingdom and change everything. Epic bosses and icy monsters possess terrifying power. Can freeze everything. The heroine Embla is the only one who can stop the worst from happening. Because she is a warrior possessing the power of the Sun. In particular, Embla is also a friend of all species. She can assemble an army of animals to fight. Join the game, you will play the role of heroine Embla.Legend of Solgard Mod

Missions according to each level of play, strategy

The mission system of Legend of Solgard Mod takes place according to each level of play. Each level is an epic battle, revolving around creatures and monsters. Your mission is to close all the ice vortex. By leading epic creatures to attack enemy monsters. At the same time successfully destroyed the icy vortex. Take turns performing attacks, overcome challenges in a fight. After completing the mission, you will continue to step into new levels of play. Face off against stronger, more combative creatures. Requires smart tactics in each attack. Match the creatures accordingly. Defeat enemy monsters to advance to the icy vortex. Destroy to end the battle.Download Legend of Solgard Mod

Turn-based gameplay, combining creatures

The gameplay of Legend of Solgard Mod takes place in turn. Entering the battle, you and the enemy will take turns to attack when it’s your turn. The battle continued until the forces of either faction were completely defeated. The other side will win. During the battle, when it’s your turn to attack. The Embla heroine will summon creatures that appear in the arena. Your task is to combine 3 similar creatures to create a higher-level creature. They will then rush to attack enemy monsters. Simultaneously attack the ice vortex. Likewise, when it’s the enemy’s turn. Monsters can also merge to create a new type of monster. They will attack the Embla heroine. For the purpose of preventing the ice vortex from being destroyed.Tai Legend of Solgard Mod

System of diverse creatures and animals

Legend of Solgard Mod possesses a diverse system of creatures. With many different species for you to discover. Not only animals such as bears, elephants, etc. You can recruit many other special creatures. For example goblins, trolls, even monsters. There are some species such as Roughpaw, Elfling, Grimchop, Night cast, Mudscrape, etc. There are many other creatures for you to summon. Each creature possesses its own fighting power. Shown in metrics like strength, ability, growth, organization, bonuses, and criticism. Through wars, creatures can be upgraded. From there, the stats will be increased, which means the fighting power is superior to before.Game Legend of Solgard Mod

As soon as you enter the Legend of Solgard Mod. You will immediately notice an extremely vivid background. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful environment. Thanks to the 3D graphics, the image quality is sharp. Meticulously designed and detailed. Make a lot of players feel overwhelmed by the game’s beautiful graphics. Not stopping there, the lighting effects are shown to be extremely impressive. An exciting sound mix takes place in RPG battles. Mixed with gentle background music melodies. Can be changed flexibly to suit each activity taking place.

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