LastCraft Survival Mod APK 1.10.4 (Weapons, Ammo)
LastCraft Survival Mod APK 1.10.4 (Weapons, Ammo)

LastCraft Survival Mod APK 1.10.4 (Weapons, Ammo)

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name LastCraft Survival
Version 1.10.4
MOD Features Weapons, Ammo
Size 95MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Pixel Gun 3D
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

LastCraft Survival Mod is a survival action game. Unleash a devastating post-apocalyptic world. Play as one of the lucky survivors. You will have to find a way to survive in a harsh environment. Face countless dangerous challenges. From the appearance of scary Zombies. Until the shortage of food and water. The game also incorporates many other unique elements. Build structures, create your own life in the post-apocalyptic world. With intense shooting wars between you and zombies. Or compete for survival with other players. This is a game designed based on open gameplay. With a lot of activities going on during the gameplay. Requires your survival skills to overcome all challenges.

Download LastCraft Survival Mod – Survival Adventure in the Post-Apocalypse World

In LastCraft Survival Mod there are a total of 11 different buildings for you to build. Create a strong shelter to withstand external influences. Through materials collected in the environment. From there it is possible to build buildings, store equipment, weapons, and medical supplies. At the same time build a farm to raise animals and grow vegetables. Create your own food source to sustain life. Each building plays its own role in a post-apocalyptic life. For example shelter base, help you escape from wars. Storage can hold many survival items to use when needed. However, building enough buildings will take a long process.Game LastCraft Survival Mod

Over 50 types of monsters and bosses

Survival battles, taking place in LastCraft Survival Mod are inevitable. With the appearance of more than 50 different types of monsters. They can be zombies, monsters, or some scary enemy. Can appear at any time, anywhere in the journey of survival. For example in the process of finding resources. Or exploring the world’s last remnants of places. As soon as you encounter an enemy, you can choose to run away or fight. Moreover, sometimes you will encounter scary bosses. This is the boss who dominates the monsters. Their power is superior. Has durable defense and attacks with large amounts of damage. If you are not careful, you will lose your life.LastCraft Survival Mod

PvP and PvE. Game Modes

Survival in the post-apocalyptic world takes place in two game modes. Includes PvP mode and PvE mode. Each mode of LastCraft Survival Mod opens up its own gameplay. Participate in PvP mode. You will have to compete with many different enemies. Not just scary Zombies. But also watch out for other players. They can attack to kill you if not careful. Besides, comes the PvE mode. You will have more allies to support in your survival adventure. Become teammates with the lucky survivors. Explore the post-apocalyptic world with them. Fight with monsters and Zombies. Defeat scary bosses. Complete the goals to survive together.Download LastCraft Survival Mod

Various weapon systems

Possess a diverse weapon system. You can fight in different styles in survival adventure. Each weapon in LastCraft Survival Mod has its own characteristics. Use appropriate for each activity taking place. For example, exploiting resources, fighting with enemies. From there will achieve high efficiency, as well as survive dangerous challenges. There are a number of weapons such as axes, stone hammers, crossbows, bows, and arrows. Even guns, there are different types. However, each type of gun has a limited amount of ammunition. Need to be careful when using, should not waste it. Through the process of discovery and search for what remains. You will have the opportunity to collect weapons to survive.Tai LastCraft Survival Mod

In addition to the weapon system provided by LastCraft Survival Mod. Players can also equip different types of items for the character. Includes helmet, skin, boots, gloves, shoulder armor, ring, and phone. Each type of equipment when used will help the character increase defense and health. From there can withstand many attacks from the enemy. As well as a higher survival rate. Not only that, but the types of equipment also help the character change the appearance. Become more prominent in the survival adventure. Also, don’t forget to use food and water. In order for the character to have health, always in the best state, can perform different activities.

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