Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod APK 1.4.1 (One Hit Kill, God Mode, Unlimited Money)
Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod APK 1.4.1 (One Hit Kill, God Mode, Unlimited Money)

Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod APK 1.4.1 (One Hit Kill, God Mode, Unlimited Money)

By LMH - May 7, 2022
Name Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure
Version 1.4.1
MOD Features One Hit Kill, God Mode, Unlimited Money
Size 180MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher Game RetroStyle UA
Update May 7, 2022 (3 weeks ago )

Become a pirate to survive on a desolate and arduous island. The journey of trying to find life begins to emerge in the person of a pirate in Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod. The story is about a pirate who once owned a huge ship with dozens of crew members. Now a great storm has sunk the ship and claimed the lives of the other sailors. Fortunately, the captain was still alive and drifted to a deserted island. The character that you will play to fight and survive in this harsh environment. A journey in search of life begins. No matter how many difficulties and deprivations you encounter, the spirit of wanting to exist in you will be raised.

Download Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod – The Last Pirate

The title of survival on a deserted island has recently been a typical title that has attracted the attention of many artists such as movies and games. The Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod story is that you are living a traveling life on a ship. Your sailors, you will now have to struggle and use life skills to survive on this desolate wasteland with no people. Desert island is a land growing up in a remote sea that we humans have not explored yet. It is very unspoiled like a natural world before man appeared. So now when you are on a deserted island, it seems that you have discovered a land that almost no humans have set foot on. That means all difficulties like the Stone Age without modern tools will make it more difficult for you to find and fight for life.

Last Pirate Mod

The game begins

Is a survival-style game inspired by reality and but with a first-person perspective that makes you feel like you are really role-playing in the Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod game. As mentioned above, the captain is you now trying to find everything to be able to survive on this land. Food and water are the two most essential and prioritized items, we must try to find them as quickly as possible so as not to run out of energy and lose our lives. To earn food or fruit food, make weapons and tools to be able to hunt animals on the desert island. Or to pick edible fruits. Materials for making weapons are everywhere on the deserted island, stone and wood seem to be abundant.

Interesting gameplay and beautiful graphics

In Hack Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure, the gameplay of the game is extremely interesting with a first-person perspective plus vivid graphics that make players feel like role-playing characters. Pay attention to the amount of health you have left to be able to arrange jobs outside of making money. Health is the most important existence you can do anything with full strength, so accumulating food is an absolute necessity. But in addition to the difficulty of food as well as modern tools, you also have to face the evil zombie skeletons that exist on this deserted island. Craft powerful weapons that continuously upgrade yourself to be able to stand against them. As for the graphics of the game, it has a beautiful and realistic 3D platform plus a first-person perspective. It will bring players the most exciting entertaining moments.

Game Last Pirate Mod

In Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure Mod, a survival game on a deserted island, you can use the coins you collect to buy weapons and other equipment. With the mod feature of Last Pirate Mod, we will have an unlimited amount of money for us to spend on everything. An extremely useful feature and helps you a lot in your search for life on this deserted island. Possessing a large amount of money also makes you own powerful equipment at the earliest and helps you play the game easily.

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