KUBOOM Mod APK 7.10 (Unlock)
KUBOOM Mod APK 7.10 (Unlock)

KUBOOM Mod APK 7.10 (Unlock)

By thetoan - January 12, 2022
Version 7.10
MOD Features Unlock
Size 58M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update January 12, 2022 (1 week ago )

KUBOOM Mod is a Lego-style shooting game commonly found in Minecraft games. Here, you will have PvP battles with millions of online gamers with the goal of survival. There’s only one thing you need to know, you’re either a winner or not at all. So, the fierceness in each match is indisputable and you only have a few chances to be the last survivor. Many game modes, unique skins, and weapons systems are what make this game attractive. But that is not all, many other interesting things about the game will be revealed in this article now.

Download KUBOOM Mod – Become the top shooters

The survival shooter genre is probably not too strange for mobile players. But KUBOOM is a completely new name with innovative gameplay and game context. It brings fierce survival battles on 3D graphics and unique Lego style. So you will see shooters in funny but energetic shape. Lots of unique Minecraft-style maps and over 50 weapons ranging from guns to bombs and more. So, are you ready to conquer the battle of survival now in KUBOOM? Play alone in solo mode or team up with friends for a fast-paced survival experience.


The classic survival gameplay returns in a new form

Join the game, players will become one of the gunmen who are looking for glory on the leaderboard. You will have to face many other online players and try to be the last survivor. This sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? But don’t be too subjective because you need to get used to the changes in KUBOOM both in terms of the control mechanism and game situation.

This time, the game brings you many innovative new maps, such as “Dust 2”, “Versus”, “Domination”, “Mansion”… The map in this game is smaller than that of birth games. other existences like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile. So the match tempo seems a bit faster and the competition is really fierce. These maps are inspired by classic buildings but with fresh colors. There will be many floors and obstacles, suitable for creating attractive raids.


Unique weapon system and skins

It is impossible to ignore the impressive things in the game’s skins and weapons system. It brings more than 50 weapon units from pistols, rifles, sniper rifles to long-range guns… Besides, it also has many gun accessories included and allows gamers to customize freely with silencers, laser beams, bullets, scopes, and more. In addition, it must also be mentioned a series of other powerful weapons such as bombs and many supporting items such as first aid medicine, armor, helmets, backpacks, …

Besides, KUBOOM Mod also gives gamers more than 100 skins for weapons, especially guns. And it also has no shortage of character skins, making players enjoy transforming their warriors in many different styles. There are 45 suits and that number is increasing through updates. They give you plenty of opportunities to impress other players in PvP combat.


Game modes and rewards

Currently, KUBOOM has up to 4 game modes, including Death Match, Team Death Match, Boom, and Zombie (a new mode). So you can enjoy battles in a variety of different scenarios, from solo mode to team mode and much more. The gameplay of the modes is not much different, but the requirements in each mode are different. For example, in Zombie mode, players will have to face hordes of savage zombies. They must side with their friends to destroy all enemies and survive the dark night.

Every battle comes with pain, but at the same time, the reward for the effort is well worth it. Winners of wars will receive gold coins, accumulated points, and more. Money is an important thing, helping you unlock skins, weapons … Meanwhile, accumulated points will help you upgrade your position on the global leaderboard. What was more amazing?


Diverse backgrounds, beautiful and creative images

As mentioned in the beginning, KUBOOM will impress you with its fresh visual style. The characters are designed with Lego-style, bringing a friendly and fun feeling. Besides, each character in the game has its own unique features and is constantly innovating when upgraded with skins, weapons, equipment… Regarding the context, the game has many unique maps and map designs. Also quite creative. They are also an important factor affecting the tactical gameplay of gamers.

We think that KUBOOM Mod has all the elements to give you the perfect survival experience. Try your hand at challenging online PvP battles in a variety of unique maps and game modes. You can become a great shooter to conquer all rankings on the leaderboard. But practice hard because there are millions of other competitors who are also working for this goal.

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