Kritika: The White Knights Mod APK 4.16.2 (Unlimited Money)
Kritika: The White Knights Mod APK 4.16.2 (Unlimited Money)

Kritika: The White Knights Mod APK 4.16.2 (Unlimited Money)

By BQH - January 4, 2022
Name Kritika: The White Knights
Version 4.12.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 114MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher GAMEVIL
Update January 4, 2022 (3 weeks ago )

The demon-fighting game series is probably no stranger to everyone. Among them is Kritika: The White Knights for you to adventure to the simulated world. The scene here is extremely chaotic because the evil demon king has risen. He dragged an army of monsters, rioting all over the world, madly killing innocent people. Join the gameplay, players transform into white knights, possessing extraordinary strength. Take on the responsibility of destroying evil people, protecting life on earth. The system will provide modern weapons, body protection items. To confidently engage in a brutal life-and-death battle. Along the way can recruit talented heroes. Make it easier to complete missions, and conquer difficult copies. Practice regularly with them to coordinate well, exploit the advantages of each person. Favorable for creating many smart fighting styles, reasonable tactics. The enemy is extremely ferocious, large, especially the demon king who possesses boundless power. Therefore, one must think before acting, know how to take advantage of opportunities to attack. Move the character flexibly to avoid enemy damage. The journey ahead is still very long, it is necessary to ensure safety until the end. You can conquer all levels, complete great missions.

Download Kritika: The White Knights Mod – Show top fighting skills, destroy all monsters

Kritika: The White Knights Mod has easy-to-understand gameplay that helps players access quickly. You will control the character to the place where the enemy is with the virtual key on the screen. Including Joystick to move the knight flexibly, skill buttons to launch attacks on the enemy. Practice regularly to promote creativity in fighting style. And change continuously depending on the strength of each monster. Along the way collect valuable items, help increase the power, fight better. Enemies will appear anytime, anywhere, attack suddenly. Therefore, must be very focused, observe carefully, judge the danger ahead. And promptly dodge their damage. Touch the skill buttons on the screen to launch powerful powerful moves to catch and defeat the enemy in a flash. Will be adding achievement points, receiving bonuses, freely unlocking the things you want. In the process of fighting must be very alert, do not fall into the deadly traps of the enemy. If you don’t want to sacrifice, unfortunately. For the monstrously strong boss, cooperate with your teammates. Killing him is easier and more secure. Gameplay owns a variety of game modes for you to explore such as: Forming a guild, boss fight, PvP battle, etc. Each type will bring interesting challenges, different difficulties. Helps refresh the player’s experience. different difficulty levels. Helps refresh the player’s experience. different difficulty levels. Helps refresh the player’s experience.

Kritika The White Knights mod apk

Character system

Gameplay brings together brave and talented warriors for players to choose from. For example Flame Striker, Blade Dancer, Lina, Strike Archer, Halo Mage, etc… They all have a unique and attractive appearance that stimulates your excitement. Each has its own strengths and advantages. Therefore, consider carefully to make the right choice for your skills. The system will update the detailed information of each character regularly, making it easy for players to evaluate. To own the most talented warrior, you need to spend a corresponding amount of coins. So, try to destroy as many demons, collect huge bonuses. Feel free to unlock your favorite character.

Kritika The White Knights game mod apk


Kritika: The White Knights Mod has hundreds of levels, with increasing difficulty. Monsters appear more and more dense and dangerous. Constantly encountering powerful big bosses. To be able to destroy them all, the knight’s physical strength must be persistent and continuously leveled up. Therefore, after each level, the system automatically upgrades the power, improving the basic stats of the character’s body. And the ultimate combat skills are unlocked one after another. Make you confident enough to conquer all tasks.

Kritika The White Knights mod apk


The magical world is simulated through the smoothest, clearest footage. By Kritika: The White Knights Mod is built on high-quality 3D graphics. Vivid images, harmonious colors. Explosive light effects, characters using skills to impress players. The location of the battle is rich with many beautiful and attractive scenes. The sound system is carefully built, helping you feel every sound in the gameplay. Many exciting and dramatic songs are used by the publisher as background music. In order to bring the best experience for players.

Kritika The White Knights mod

Kritika: The White Knights brings a meaningful plot about talented, loyal knights. Players have the opportunity to own their special powers that help humanity. Fight with dozens of giant monsters and compete with gamers around the world. Invite your friends to join, conquer difficult copies, collect valuable loot. Bringing endless joy when experiencing, helping to improve relationships to become closer. Download Kritika: The White Knights Mod to purge evil demons and protect the human world.

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