Knives Out Mod APK 1.269.479297 (Menu, Auto Aim, Wall Hack)

By CMB - September 19, 2021
Knives Out Mod APK 1.269.479297 (Menu, Auto Aim, Wall Hack)
Name Knives Out
Version 1.268.479197
MOD Features Menu, Auto Aim, Wall Hack
Size 86MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher NetEase Games
Update September 19, 2021 (1 week ago )

Knives Out has gameplay quite similar to the popular PUBG Mobile survival game, loved by many players. Starting the game, you will join 50 other people on a plane to a remote island. This is the battlefield where you prepare to fight and survive. Players will parachute down from the plane. After landing, you need to quickly find weapons, equipment, and food. There are many valuable and extremely useful resources here. However, at the same time, there are dangers and difficult challenges that directly threaten your life. Remember that in addition to you, there are 50 other players also living here. Everyone is a rival to each other and fights for their own survival. Do everything you can to survive the last round.

Download Knives Out Mod – Super classic survival arena

When I first enter the game, I will surely have a lot of surprises because the graphics of Knives Out Mod are very similar to PUBG Mobile. Even in terms of gameplay, there is not too big of a difference. However, the publisher NetEase Games still creates its own unique features, expressing its creativity. Therefore, the gameplay since its launch has had a huge number of players downloaded. The number is constantly increasing over time, creating an extremely large and attractive gaming community. Players can combine with friends, form a team, and participate in battles. This fight for survival has no mercy at all. The strong will win, receive the gifts of the gifting system. Especially the achievements in each match of 50 players will be ranked in that order. If you are the last person alive, it will correspond to the Top1 position. The order is arranged like this until the end.

Knives Out mod apk for android

Style play

If you’ve played PUBG Mobile before, approaching and getting used to the gameplay of this gameplay is extremely simple. The plane will take you with your teammates to the island of death. The map depends on your choice. Each game mode will be a separate location, there is no overlap in the landscape, the details in the game. Players will constantly encounter new challenges and difficulties. Need to change to be more adaptive. Move to safe locations, away from crowded places. Because those places will take place in chaotic, extremely dangerous wars.

Knives Out mod

New interface

Although the gameplay and graphics are relatively similar to PUBG, Knives Out Mod has a completely new and extremely unique interface. I’m sure you’ve never seen this interface in any survival game. On the screen, there are many function keys, but everything has been optimized in size. For players to have space, the widest view. Easier to defeat the enemy, not worry about the problem of obstructed vision. You can also customize and change the position of the control keys so that you are most familiar. Practice daily with new skins to improve combat skills even more.

Game Knives Out mod apk


Immediately after entering the game, you will be able to choose for yourself 1 character according to the correct gender. Customize your appearance, costumes, weapons, etc. In the shop, there are many accessories for sale so you can change your character. However, you need to have enough money to buy the items you like. Make the warriors special, make the enemy admire your beautiful skins. Note: Characters are not the deciding factor in the outcome of each of your matches. So don’t be too confident with the fact that you have many beautiful and expensive characters.

High-quality graphics

To evaluate, Knives Out Mod has the same graphics quality as PUBG Mobile. Vivid 3D images combined with high FPS mode give players a realistic experience. Players will discover many beautiful places, extremely rich natural scenery. Transform into warriors, fight, compete directly with other players to survive. In particular, the gameplay has extremely vivid sound for you to detect every move and activity of the enemy around you.

Knives Out mod apk for android

If you are an enthusiast of the survival adventure game genre, then try to experience Knives Out. Attractive gameplay, loved by many people, the number of players is increasing day by day. Super gripping chaotic battles take place on a large scale. Unleash your ultimate shooting and survival skills. Defeat all enemies, become the last one left standing. Get the top 1 position right away and win the most valuable gifts.

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