Knights Chronicle APK 5.4.0
Knights Chronicle APK 5.4.0

Knights Chronicle APK 5.4.0

By BQH - October 11, 2021
Name Knights Chronicle
Version 5.4.0
Size 81MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Netmarble
Update October 11, 2021 (4 days ago )

Knights Chronicle lets you adventure to a beautiful planet called Garniel. Life here is very peaceful and happy. Because there are always gods to protect, protect, bring good things and peace. But it couldn’t last forever when the dark forces appeared and absorbed some of the Spirit’s power. Exposing humanity to a major existential threat. Monsters revolt everywhere, frantically killing civilians, destroying houses, infrastructure, etc. Joining the gameplay, you will transform into a white knight possessing magical power and ultimate intelligence. Skilled, experienced in combat, capable of stopping the expansion of the forces of darkness. Let’s quickly hit the road, destroy everything harmful to humans. Equip the most modern weapons and body protection equipment. Get ready to engage in brutal life-and-death battles. Practice regularly to master character control. At the same time, promote reflexes, logical thinking, and create smart fighting styles. Remember the enemy is extremely powerful, overwhelming in number. In order to defeat them all, it is necessary to have a methodical strategy and careful calculation in each action. Because just a minute of inattention is enough to make the player stop the game immediately.

Download Knights Chronicle Mod – Use the power of the white knight to save the human world

The first thing that you need to do when participating in Knights Chronicle Mod is to choose a character that is suitable for your skills. Will help fight better and complete tasks quickly and easily. Entering the game screen means standing between the boundary of life and death. You cannot entrust your life to fate. You need to stand up and fight for justice for yourself and innocent people. Control the knight with the virtual keys on the screen. Launch powerful moves to attack enemies combined with weapons in hand to quickly defeat them. Use the Joystick to move the character flexibly to dodge enemy damage. Collect valuable items that appear along the way. These are tools that possess many special functions to help players recover physical strength, increase attack speed, damage, and endurance stats. Be able to reverse the tide of the war, firmly grasp the victory. Accumulate as much as you can to confidently defeat the monstrously powerful dark lord. Note: Dodge the traps placed on the road, because they will cause you to die, unfortunately. After each game screen, it is necessary for the knight to rest and recover to the fullest. Ready to take on more difficult, dangerous tasks.

Knights Chronicle mod

Character system

Knights Chronicle Mod owns about 10 characters for you to choose from. Each person has their own strengths, different backgrounds. But they all have the same intention to eradicate evil and evil. There are typical knights such as Lydia, Damian, Sinclair, Rebecca, etc. Choose for yourself the most suitable character to accompany you to conquer all arduous tasks. Equip modern weapons such as guns, swords, bows and arrows, staffs, etc. And some items to protect the character’s body. In addition, you can change the outfit continuously depending on your preferences and style. Help the knight stand out in each game screen, always keep the spirit comfortable and refreshing when fighting.

Knights Chronicle mod apk

Complete mission

Each level is a different challenge and task. However, the job with the most frequency and throughout is to destroy monsters. You need to take advantage of every opportunity to attack them, finish quickly. And perform the assigned system challenges, increase to new levels. Will be upgraded strength, improve the basic stats of the character’s body. Confidently participate in PvP matches held once a week. Gather all gamers around the world. This is an opportunity for players to show off their top fighting skills and smart fighting styles. Make your opponent admire and feel shy when participating in a match with your presence. Try your best to win the highest position to possess the ultimate power. Ready, confident to defeat the dark lord, complete his noble mission.

Game Knights Chronicle mod

Graphics and sound

For players to have the most authentic experience. The publisher has specially designed the gameplay on 3D graphics. Helps stimulate the world on the planet Garniel in a sharp, smooth way. Every detail and image is built extremely meticulously. Combining harmonious colors contributes to making the scene more vivid and attractive. Creating an impressive and lovely Anime-style character that stimulates gamers even more. Various sounds of various monsters and all the noises in human life. Exciting background music, old drama, your fighting spirit is always high.

Game Knights Chronicle mod hack

Knights Chronicle converges the preeminent features that a fighting game needs. Has the lowest optimized graphics and controls. To make it accessible to everyone. Gameplay trains your fighting skills, reflexes, logical thinking. Use magic power and modern weapons to defeat giant monsters. Have the opportunity to own attractive rewards, valuable items. Download Knights Chronicle Mod fight to protect the peace of planet Garniel.

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