Kio’s Adventure Apk 1.0.3
Kio’s Adventure Apk 1.0.3

Kio’s Adventure Apk 1.0.3

By trangha94 - August 5, 2022
Name Kio's Adventure
Version 1.0.3
MOD Features N/A
Size 15.6MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Games, Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Spacelight Studio
Genre ,
Update August 5, 2022 (1 week ago )
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Kio’s Adventure is an extremely attractive survival adventure game. It is set in a school where a student named Kio experiences an earthquake. She is then transported to a strange world full of monsters and organs. Kio must be supported by the players to leave this terrible world. Let’s explore this game through the following sharing.

About Kio’s Adventure

About Kio's Adventure

This game is an adventure survival horror game. You play as Kio and the game starts with you in a dungeon. However, as you go, you visit other locations. One of them is a horrifying apartment. Where a scary man is watching you. You will need to solve some puzzles throughout the game. The game Kio’s Adventure achieved rave reviews. Because, it doesn’t put the challenges too hard.

Storyline in Kio’s Adventure

Kio’s Adventure is an adventure game of a horror nature. You will play as Kio, a young girl eager to enter school. She is accompanied by her companions: llusion and Domini. However, an earthquake occurred while Kio was dining at a restaurant. From here, she is sent to a dungeon in a reversed universe.

How to play in Kio’s Adventure

How to play in Kio's Adventure

You need to search for goods, use them to solve puzzles and engage in combat. You should only fight as a last resort most of the time because ammo is very limited! The game is fun to play and has a really ominous atmosphere throughout. The game can only be played with the keyboard, which is okay, but I wish it supported controllers.

Your goal is to assist Kio in leaving this position. And rescue her friends. Players will have to solve puzzles and interact with NPCs. This will require them to make decisions that have a variety of outcomes. The first part is a long, zigzag cellar. Where there were several bodies and there was always a threat that the ceiling above could fall in.

You will reach the library after leaving the basement. Then meet the bookshelves that will fall on you. Kio will then meet Bobo, the boss. The player will go to the school after running away from Bobo. Based on the decisions made, many outcomes will result.

Some impressive features when participating in Kio’s Adventure

When you join Kio’s Adventure, you will see the following features that the game integrates:

Has the support of many characters in the game

In the game, there are three friends who will support your Kio character. That is:


Best friend Kio is a high school student with long black hair and eyes of the same color. She wears a blue dress and an unbuttoned white shirt. She tends to speak her mind, focus on work and work, and love herself more than she loves others. She assists Kio in his mission to rescue Domini.


Has short blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue dress and an unbuttoned white shirt. She shares Kio’s optimistic and naive nature. But she is also very attractive to men. Dating is her main goal. In the game, she is in danger most of the time.

Challenge playing with many ferocious monsters

There are four main bosses in the game. A hooded ghost named Sadako (a female ghost in a school toilet in Japan). Bobo is the second boss; he is a big lunatic. Bobo liked to cut off people’s heads to see blood seeping out of their necks. The third boss is a worm that likes to bite the bones of other creatures. The player must use tools to uncover the final boss as it is hidden in the game’s screen.

Beautiful graphic design, satisfying players

When playing, the game will display simple, easy-to-remember 3D cube images. The game will revert to the anime-style 2D visuals in the chat. The game’s dark, sombre color conveys the real pain of the experience.

Excellent sound, strange to the ear

The eerie wind, the villains’ laughter, the faint sound of blood, and the eerie stillness are all incorporated into the game to create a level of fear.

Some frequently asked questions about Kio’s Adventure

Some frequently asked questions about Kio's Adventure

1. Kio’s Adventure is a sex game or a horror game?

Many people think that Kio’s Adventure is a sex game. But in fact when playing, it is mainly horror-oriented. The scenes in the game space are mostly filled with death, gore and violence.

2. How many people can Kio’s Adventure play?

Kio’s Adventure allows only one person to participate in this game. Therefore, you can only solve all situations in the game by yourself.

3. Is Kio’s Adventure for kids?

The game contains too many scenes of violence, killing, fighting… Therefore, children will not be allowed to participate in this game.

Download Kio’s Adventure for Android, IOS

Kio’s Adventure is a new game and has pinned the download link in this article. Therefore, you can easily download and participate in the challenge. In addition, similar games can be mentioned such as: Alto’s Adventure , Botworld Adventure , Mobile Legends: Adventure ,…


Thus, we have shared from AZ information about Kio’s Adventure. Hope you will fully refer to start the game quickly and win.

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