Kings of Pool Mod APK 1.25.5 (Unlimited Tutorials)
Kings of Pool Mod APK 1.25.5 (Unlimited Tutorials)

Kings of Pool Mod APK 1.25.5 (Unlimited Tutorials)

By CMB - March 13, 2022
Name Kings of Pool
Version 1.25.5
MOD Features Unlimited tutorials
Size 72MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Publisher Uken Games
Update March 13, 2022 (2 months ago )

Billiards is a sport that is loved by many people both in reality and in the gaming world. Publisher Uken Games has released a super product working on this theme called Kings of Pool. In the category of hole billiards, players will compete with other players around the world. Because of the integrated online battle feature, the gameplay has received the support and love of many people. This is really the ideal place for the hands to show off their skills. Each game has a bet between two people. Try your best throughout the game so as not to lose money. The system of facilities is full of everything that is not inferior to reality. This gameplay, although it requires high skill, also requires a reasonable strategy and calculation. Because a lot of bad things will happen.

Download Kings of Pool Mod – Show off your top billiards skills

Coming to Kings of Pool Mod you will become a real player. Compete on the national shirt of your choice. Because it operates under an online mechanism when entering the game you need to create an account for yourself. Or can link to other social networking sites. Gameplay has clubs for you to join and interact with other players. Support, exchange experiences to develop better yourself. Every month, the system will open billiards competitions between clubs. You can create a team with your teammates and compete together. Try your best, coordinate smoothly to bring back the most valuable rewards. Having a lot of bonuses from the system, you can buy the things you like. Change sticks for more accurate shots. Becoming a professional player is too easy for Kings of Pool.

Kings of Pool mod apk

Style play

Kings of Pool Mod has the same basic gameplay as today’s billiards games. If you have ever played 8 balls, you will notice a lot of similarities between these two gameplay. Attracted a large number of interested hands, participated enthusiastically. You will have 2 lines to make it easier to align the ball to the hole. Adjust the direction so that the arrow points right into the hole. Drag the force bar on the left side of the screen for the best fit. Your turn to shoot is limited to 15 seconds. In this interval, if you do not make the ball down the hole, you will lose your turn. Note that only shoot your bullets, if the opponent’s piece is wrong, it will also lose your turn.

Kings of Pool mod

Online Battle

The online game feature, perhaps anyone who participates in this gameplay will also like it. Because players can compete with everyone in the world. Unleash your passion with great advancement opportunities. In addition, in the friend section, players can also challenge their friends. Compete against each other to see who is taller. Also, bet on the prize for the winner. That is the motivation for the two sides to play more fiercely and fiercely. This amount can be negotiated by both parties and can be customized very easily.

Game Kings of Pool mod

Satisfy your passion, have fun

The entertainment game helps you to have a great time of relaxation and entertainment. Along with that is the fascinating experience, satisfying the passion for billiards. Invite friends to compete, compete with top skills. Interact with millions of other players from many countries. At the same time, you will also learn a lot of experience and skills from other players. From there, when playing in reality, you will get more knowledge. Bring back valuable gifts, unlock the sticks and items you dream of.

Graphics quality

During the experience, I found that the 3D graphics background did a great job in building the image in this gameplay. All animations and actions take place extremely smoothly and smoothly. Along with that, you can feel the movement of very flexible marbles. Combined with vivid sound for an experience that is not inferior to reality. Although it is a virtual environment, I am sure, you will have the feeling of holding a stick in your hand. Shoot each ball gently rolling down the hole, receive noble rewards from the system.

Game Kings of Pool mod hack

A really great experience for those who love this billiards game. You do not need to waste time, effort, and money to go to the shop anymore. Now everything is fully compact on your phone. Whether you have a network or not, you can still experience it easily. However, the limitation when there is no data is that you can only compete with the boss. To play with other gamers or friends, you must play online, mobile data is required. Download Kings of Pool Mod to create beautiful shots.

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