Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod APK 3.02.001 (Unlimited Money)
Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod APK 3.02.001 (Unlimited Money)

Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod APK 3.02.001 (Unlimited Money)

By BQH - January 4, 2022
Name Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War
Version 2.11.002
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 101MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher NEOWIZ
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

You will have the opportunity to discover the story of legendary heroes when coming to Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War. The gameplay is set in a medieval kingdom. The capital is a land with a favorable location, rich creatures, peaceful and happy human life. But until the dark force appeared, destroyed all this good. They awaken monsters, demons everywhere, frantically killing innocent people. No one can stop the terrible situation that is happening but the heroes. Players will transform into warriors possessing extraordinary strength, ultimate intelligence. Bear the heavy responsibility of eradicating the forces of darkness and protecting life on earth. The enemy is extremely strong and numerous, so it requires careful preparation in all aspects. Recruit talented, like-minded warriors to join the dangerous mission. Regular practice with them helps to maximize the strength of each person and combine well. Create a variety of smart attacks ready to defeat all enemies. Gameplay owns a meaningful plot, easy-to-understand gameplay, and a new fighting style. It will definitely make players stand still and bring a sense of endless fun.

Download Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod – Overthrow the forces of darkness with your fighting skills

The world in Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod is very chaotic. Because monsters appear almost everywhere, destroying infrastructure, attacking healthy citizens. Therefore, players must quickly set out to destroy these evil creatures. Control the character with virtual keys on the screen. Using skill buttons, unleash powerful moves when meeting enemies. Use the Joystick to move the character continuously dodging their damage. Collect precious items that appear along the way. This is a powerful tool to help players fight better. For example Increase strength, damage stats, resistance, etc. Try to destroy as many monsters as to receive huge bonuses, freely unlock the things you like. Note: Avoid the pitfalls on the way if you don’t want to stop the game immediately. Each character will have its own HP bar, need to pay attention, and adjust the warrior’s blood volume appropriately. Don’t let running out of the case will lead to unfortunate sacrifices. At the end of each level, there is always a terrible big boss. Team up with your teammates and take advantage of your weak points, quickly delivering a critical and finishing blow. After he dies, he will drop a gem, which can be attached to the character’s weapon. To maximize power and fight to the highest efficiency.

Kingdom of Hero Tactics War mod

Equip the warrior

Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod has dozens of modern weapons for players to choose from. All are designed with very high destructive power, helping you destroy enemies easily. For example Swords, bows, guns, etc. Each type has its own strengths for players to create many smart fighting styles. In addition, the system also provides equipment such as Shields, armor, shoes, gloves, medical tools, explosives, etc. These will help you improve your survivability. In particular, the player can change the character’s costume continuously. In order not to feel bored, but also to stimulate the fighting spirit to rise higher.

Kingdom of Hero Tactics War game mod


The force of darkness is extremely large and overwhelming in number. Therefore, the journey to conquer all challenges of players is very long and arduous. Experiencing countless missions, the warrior’s stamina will be significantly reduced. Need to be continuously upgraded to be able to defeat the enemy. After each level, the system automatically restores physical strength, increases strength, and improves the basic stats of the character’s body. At the same time, unlock the top fighting skills such as Flying, jumping, stealth, etc. In particular, the main reward is the motivation for players to try and complete all the tasks. Accompanied by attractive gifts such as costumes, weapons, accessories, etc.

Kingdom of Hero Tactics War mod apk


Players will be able to admire the scenery in the medieval world in the closest and true way. By Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod is designed by the publisher with 3D graphics. Every detail and image is extremely clear. The movement of the character is always accompanied by a beautiful, impressive moat effect. The battlefield is rich, with many majestic and poetic scenes. Help players did not get bored but always interested, want to explore all right away. The sound is diverse, clear to the smallest noise in the gameplay. Many exciting and dramatic songs are used by the publisher as background music. Make the battle speed faster.

Kingdom of Hero Tactics War game mod hack

Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War has a unique and new fighting style. Definitely will not disappoint the expectations of gamers around the world. Players have the opportunity to fight with many different types of monsters, freely creating cool moves to defeat them. Promote reflexes, sharp thinking like never before. Download Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod fight to complete the noble mission, become a legendary hero.

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