King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense Mod APK 1.0.28 (Unlimited Diamonds/Gems)
King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense Mod APK 1.0.28 (Unlimited Diamonds/Gems)

King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense Mod APK 1.0.28 (Unlimited Diamonds/Gems)

By BQH - May 7, 2022
Name King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense
Version 1.0.28
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds/Gems
Size 62MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher GCenter
Update May 7, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Compared to King of Defense: Battle Frontier, in the next part, King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense appears with a new style. This is the story of the greatest country in human history. It was the kingdom of the dwarves and they were in danger of being invaded by the monsters of Nagata. A race that carries a ferocious and dangerous dark power. They can summon ferocious monsters with various abilities from hell to attack humanity. Your task is to use all the combat skills of a commander and soldiers to destroy the enemy. Build strong fortresses by upgrading them and moving with precision attacks on enemies. Choose outstanding heroes to join the battle. The safety of the country is in your hands, so fight smart and brave.

Download King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense Mod – Fight against the dark forces to protect the safety of the country

Weapons in King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense mod have been upgraded. At the same time, the number of monsters and their danger level also increased. Manipulation in the game is not too fussy because it is simply controlling the turrets to shoot accurately at the enemy. Select soldiers to fight to prevent and destroy the monster’s steps. The ultimate goal is not to let them reach the stronghold. The key to winning these wars is strategy. So it is beneficial for you to find the right strategy. When fighting simultaneously, collect loot such as skills and battle spells to increase the strength of your army. If you want higher damage, do it by upgrading fortresses. Joining the game will help you improve your fighting skills, and improve self-reflection. The gameplay also brings moments of suspense to the point of breathlessness. That is also what attracts players.

King of Defense 2 mod apk

Simple gameplay

King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense has a simple operation, just control the turrets to attack the enemy. Select and move troops to block their movement. Killing all enemies on this map will be moved to the next place according to the level from easy to difficult. If your soldiers are killed by monsters and attack the stronghold, you have lost the game. To overcome you will have to fight until you win the battle. Role-playing as a commander, your task is also very difficult. Using skills skillfully is the way to pass the level easily. Do not rush, but study the gameplay in the most effective way.

Diverse Enemies

The monsters this time around are not as simple as the previous one. They are built with many different attack skills. In addition, there are various modern weapons: Knives, swords, flamethrowers, etc. Because of the latter, the difficulty level of the game increases. The number of enemies is gradually increased and attacks from many sides appear. Their goal is to enter our stronghold, so stop and destroy them immediately. At the end of the game, the most dangerous monsters will gradually appear. Those were ferocious giant monsters with high attack power that was difficult to defeat. But that gives players more enjoyment and increased ability to conquer.

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Weapons and Troops

The decisive weapon of the game is the stack of turrets. In part two that is also preserved. In addition, the turret has been upgraded in many ways by being equipped with classic effects to increase damage such as bombing, flamethrower, machine gun, etc. At the same time, the number of soldiers has been increased and many characters appear. new object. Each soldier is fully equipped with weapons to go to battle. You will need to choose the most suitable general to join the battle. Do not forget to combine with tactics wisely to destroy them quickly. Ensure the safety of the stronghold.

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Graphics and sound

Graphics of King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense is not too high, but very simple and easy to see. Rich context each screen is a different landscape to avoid boredom for players. Beautiful effects such as fire and explosion, flying dragons also glow… Sometimes you will feel like you are lost in a mythical world. The background music is quite smooth and pleasant. Combined with the sounds of combat, the battle feels tense and intense.

King of Defense 2 mod

It can be seen in the second part of the game that things have improved a lot. From the graphics to the characters, everything becomes new. Simple gameplay, beautiful images. Gameplay has a diverse fighting style to entertain after tiring days of studying and working. At the same time, players can practice skills, agile manipulation, logical thinking. If you want to try to become a commander, then King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense can bring interesting experiences.

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