Kim Kardashian Mod APK 13.1.1 (Menu, Money, Unlocked)
Kim Kardashian Mod APK 13.1.1 (Menu, Money, Unlocked)

Kim Kardashian Mod APK 13.1.1 (Menu, Money, Unlocked)

By CBCC - July 18, 2022
Version 13.1.1
MOD Features Menu, Money, Unlocked
Size 147MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Adventure, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Glu
Genre ,
Update July 18, 2022 (1 month ago )
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On the game market today, there are many games that simulate an activity, such as business, management. Or simulate a job, like a pilot flying an airplane. But Kim Kardashian Mod has a separate path, as this game builds on the life of a big character in the entertainment industry. The game developed by Glu helps you to know more about the life of a person living in the Hollywood world, you are deciding to this person’s life.

Creating a beautiful life for them, experiencing life with many different events. Experiencing many ups and downs, happy and sad to have a happy life. Everything that the character in the game happens to be in your own decisions. Try playing the game now to orient your own life right away.

Download Kim Kardashian Mod – Create a Life

Have you ever been curious about what the lives of famous people in the world are like? Game Kim Kardashian Mod will help you better understand that. When you first come in, you have to choose a character with your arbitrary shape, and then start. As the title says, the person helping you is Kim Kardashian.

It Will guides you on the rules you need to know, the things you need to do to live in the entertainment world. Gives you suggestions on how to behave, what to wear, how to wear makeup when going to events, but those are just suggestions. You are the one who decides everything, how to live is up to you to decide. Create a new life for yourself, feel the lifestyle of celebrities and work. Remember the life of the character in the game is yours to decide, each choice will affect your life,


Conquer the Red Carpet

Game Kim Kardashian Mod with oriented gameplay, for players, to help the character you choose from a novice. And become a superstar in the entertainment world. Build a monumental career, gain a voice, become a celebrity in the eyes of the public. You need to create a reputation with your talent, be able to participate in entertainment activities. Participate in more prestigious competitions, interact with fans more. Create your own brands, use your reputation to promote and grow an empire. Or attend luxurious parties, meet seniors and seniors to communicate with them, will help your reputation grow stronger and stronger.


Branding Style

A game aiming for popularity like Kim Kardashian Mod, the most important thing is fashion. For people in the entertainment world, celebrities. Fashion is always the goal that people see and evaluate first. Up this game, there is a whole store of different costumes, branded items, jewelry, and cosmetics.

Full of valuable and expensive things, items with big brands at your disposal to choose from. Everything that you put on the outside can become a trend that many people enjoy. Dress up in style with a unique style of clothing to become a brand. When anyone mentions you, they immediately think of those ways of dressing.


Interact With Many People

What’s more wonderful when the Kim Kardashian Mod game also gives users a feature to help them interact with each other. Exchange, share joy, cooperate to play. It is even possible to support each other with tasks to receive great rewards. Or the game can help you make many new friends, sometimes even becoming close friends. Every day there are also gifts, which can be given to those who have made friends. Having more friends is having an extra part of your strength, helping to become famous together.


Download Kim Kardashian Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

Kim Kardashian Mod is also created based on real reality in real life, to be able to develop a career, to be famous will be very hard. It will cost a lot of things, money is indispensable. Expensive clothes and jewelry are of very high value, and if you want to own them, you need to buy them.

But buying one will be very expensive, but this version has Unlimited Money. Money is no longer an issue, feel free to buy all the items that are suitable for you. The most stylish outfit to go to shows, parties. The priority is to win people’s hearts to become a celebrity.

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Farah KKH
can you please update mod version 2 which has everything unlocked and owned? we really need it.. i would be thankful and grateful and you will gain lots of fans and players because this version is highly demanded..
Reply -
where is the latest version OBB? update mod menu version :(
Reply -
Update mod V2
Reply -
When You update the V2?? I want to download it
Reply -
Can you create a mod where the player can unlock the closet items permanently and save it to their game?
Reply -
Can u please update mod v2 to the latest version (12.3.1) I'm not able to connect my facebook, it says u have to update!! Plss updated it to the latest one!!
Reply -
Have you updated the Mod V2 to exactly the 12.2.1 version? I checked the 'About' page in-game and it shows the version is 12.2.0. This could lead to glitches and quests not showing up in later progress.
Reply -
mod v2 isnt working... help please
Reply -
Version is old. Please play the latest version
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