Karate King Fighting Games Mod APK 2.1.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Karate King Fighting Games Mod APK 2.1.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Karate King Fighting Games Mod APK 2.1.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

By BQH - May 9, 2022
Name Karate King Fighting Games
Version 2.1.9
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Size 100MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Fighting Sports
Update May 9, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Karate King Fight brings a quite famous Kung Fu martial art to the world. With a unique fighting style, it attracts a lot of people’s attention. By participating in the gameplay, you will transform into a talented martial artist, strong and muscular. Have the opportunity to participate in large-scale matches, compete with players around the world. Take advantage of all your skills and combat experience to defeat all opponents and win the championship. However, not everyone can do this, especially new players. Gameplay gathers hundreds of talented boxers around the world, there will be strong and weak. But you cannot recognize, evaluate the ability and level of the enemy. Therefore, once the whistle starts the game sounds, continuously unleashing beautiful, powerful skills. Make the enemy stunned, lose control and fall into a passive position. Focus on observing to detect the opponent’s weakness, quickly finish with a fatal blow. After each game screen, it is necessary for the character to rest, recover to the fullest, and confidently enter the next match. Regular practice helps control boxers masterfully, promote creativity in fighting style, and quick reflexes to unexpected situations.

Download Karate King Fight Mod – Fight to become the world’s number 1 boxer

When first joining Karate King Fight Mod, players can experience simple matches. Mainly for the system to detail the rules, features, how to launch attacks. Over time, you will gain many lessons learned, improve yourself more and more, become stronger. And conquer all the championship cups. The system will provide equipment to protect the boxer’s body such as a shirt, hat, gloves, knee brace, etc. To help players feel secure and confident entering the match. On the screen, there are Joysticks to move the characters at will and skill buttons such as Punch, kick, jump, somersault, etc. When fighting, just touch them continuously to launch powerful moves, Uniquely attack opponents. However, they can also do this, even more powerfully. Therefore, do not subjectively despise the enemy. Flexible character control to dodge enemy damage. Let’s launch a beautiful attack skill combo that will add achievement points. Helps increase damage and resistance for your boxers. Each character will have a separate HP bar, need to pay attention and timely recharge when losing too much if you don’t want to lose.

Game Karate King Fight mod

Character system

The first thing that you need to do before entering the match is choose a character. Gameplay gathers dozens of talented boxers, spoiled for discovery. Everyone has different strengths and interests. The system will update their details every week. Help players accurately assess their ability, make the right choice for the skills they have. In particular, you are allowed to customize the outfit, skin color, hair so that the boxer stands out in each match. And express your personality, your own way. However, if you want to own a more talented and outstanding character, you will need to spend a certain amount of coins. Try to complete all the tasks assigned by the system, collect a lot of bonuses.

Tai Karate King Fight mod

Dramatic matches

Entering the game screen, you will play solo 1 vs 1. The opponent may be stronger or weaker, must be very careful, do not reveal your weakness. Take advantage of every opportunity to attack, gain the upper hand from the start. Moving the boxer continuously dodges the enemy’s damage. Once participating in the gameplay, everyone aspires to be the champion, ready to destroy the opponent at any time. Proving that the competition is extremely fierce, it is not easy to become a winner. Players will have to go through many dangers, face powerful punches and kicks. Try your best, take advantage of the peak fighting skills to hit the opponent with no armor. Getting closer and closer to the evaluation championship cup and the top position on the world rankings.

Karate King Fight mod


For players to have the most authentic and perfect experience moments. The publisher specially designed Karate King Fight Mod on 3D graphics, so every scene is extremely clear. The angle of view is changed arbitrarily to help you fight the best. Each game screen is a different location and scene, contributing to making the player’s experience richer and special. Flashing effects appear every time the character uses a skill. The sound is varied by the sound of the boxers, the whistle, etc. The vibrant and dramatic background music adds to the fierceness of the match. Create an impressive character with a muscular, muscular body that stimulates players.

Karate King Fight mod apk

Karate King Fight offers simple, easy-to-understand, fun gameplay with many special features. Players have the opportunity to approach the martial art of Kung Fu in the most detailed and realistic way. Helps to expand understanding and also hone top combat skills. Through intense, thrilling matches with experienced players in the world. Download Karate King Fight Mod transforms into a talented boxer, defeating all opponents in the cruel arena.

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