K-POP Idol Producer Mod APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money, Tickets)
K-POP Idol Producer Mod APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money, Tickets)

K-POP Idol Producer Mod APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money, Tickets)

By CBCC - May 27, 2022
Name K-POP Idol Producer
Version 1.67
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Tickets
Size 45MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games, Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Buildup Studio
Genre ,
Update May 27, 2022 (1 month ago )

K-POP Idol Producer Mod is a simulation game genre provided by the publisher Buildup Studio, with an interesting music production style. The player becomes a manager, with the task of developing a career by building groups and creating music products. Since its launch until now, the game has attracted a lot of people, because of its fascinating gameplay and interesting experiences. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and download for free. Only on Google Play, the game has attracted more than 500 thousand downloads and received a lot of reviews from all over the world. Besides, the free shopping Mod feature will help you have the most attractive experience.

Download K-POP Idol Producer Mod – Development Of Music Company

At first, when starting to join K-POP Idol Producer Mod, players will be supported by a beautiful girl named Secretary. That girl will help you get acquainted and guide the basics of what you need to do. Your first task is to recruit members, at this point you will have two options including boy bands and girl-bands. All you need to do now is find talented faces, to add them to your team. However, at first, your company hasn’t been big and the interns are limited. So you will only be able to recruit up to 2 members, at the beginning. Besides, when recruiting interns, you will have to spend money to hire them for each recruitment. Or when your company grows and has a foothold in the market, there will be a better chance of hiring better interns.

Recruit members

As a company that will require a lot of different positions to form, so does K-POP Idol Producer Mod. The system needs to recruit many trainees to many different positions such as singer, dancer, rapper, vocal, bassist, accord guitarist, drum. Besides, to help players find the best interns, the system will display detailed information about each person. Including their name, age, height and weight, there are even assessments of their level of personality and cute, sexy. In addition, each intern will be assessed on a score of 100, and an introduction to each person’s biographies, as well as their family background.

Besides, you are a manager, so you need to pay attention to the looks of your band members. So you need to choose to dress your members in gorgeous outfits and personality. This is also very important because it will help your members impress the audience every time they appear, and highlight their beauty. K-POP Idol Producer Mod provides players with the most modern and trendy fashions today. If you do not know which outfit to choose, you can listen to the Secretary’s advice to choose the right trend. In addition, you can change the members’ hairstyles and equip the members with accessories, help them stand out, and make an impression on everyone.

Smart strategy

In addition to your company to become famous and have a certain position in the hearts of the audience, as well as in the market. Hack K-POP Idol Producer you need to have an effective marketing strategy to help advertise the company. Like giving out coupons on everyone’s arrival, special offers, and releasing cool afternoon calendars. Besides, when you have enough resources, you can sign valuable contracts with famous groups. Then you can increase sales and the tour schedule will be more and more, helping the company grow and grow. In addition, in K-POP Idol Producer Mod there is also a chart of the hottest songs, but to score your songs if it will be a great effort. To do that, you need to have smart strategies, such as spending money to build a new idol in the hearts of the audience.

Hire a manager

In the early stages of career development, players will need to manually manage and manage even the smallest jobs. Gradually over a period of time, when your company starts to grow and gain a foothold in the market. Now you can hire a new manager to help you with different jobs. Because the more and more your work will be more and more, then you will not be able to bear many jobs at the same time. Also if you have hired a manager before, then you can replace it with a better manager to help you manage your work. However, it will cost you a pretty large amount of money, but it will also bring better efficiency at work.

When downloading the Mod version of the K-POP Idol Producer game, players will experience the most interesting things with the free shopping feature. Then you can freely purchase the items that you love and help your company grow and grow even more. Besides, the gameplay helps you have relaxing moments when participating and relieve stress after a long hard working day. Download the K-POP Idol Producer Mod game to become a manager and help your company grow and grow.

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