Jurassic World Alive Mod APK 2.8.30 (Menu, Battery, Energy, Vip)

By LMH - June 24, 2021
Jurassic World Alive Mod APK 2.8.30 (Menu, Battery, Energy, Vip)
Name Jurassic World Alive
Version 2.8.30
MOD Features Menu/Battery/Energy/Vip
Size 503MB
Requires Android 5.1
Category Adventure
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Publisher Ludia Inc
Update June 24, 2021 (1 month ago)
MOD Info


  • Unlimited Battery/Energy




Humans with development and curiosity have discovered and produced documents about the ancient world with large dinosaurs and animals. For many people, the world of dinosaurs is a very interesting thing, everyone wants to explore them on the Jurassic World Alive Mod game created by developer Ludia Inc. This game helps people satisfy, explore and learn about the world of dinosaurs. The game also applies virtual reality technology to increase the attractiveness of players as well as the realistic interaction between the real world and the ancient dinosaur world designed in the game. Explore everywhere in the world around but through this game, it’s really different. People will really be fascinated when playing it, you interact with the world around you to find dinosaurs in the real world through the game.

Download Jurassic World Alive Mod – Hunting for dinosaurs

Now with the development of the technology era, it is also developing rapidly, so to meet the needs of people, VR technology has been developed. Virtual reality technology brings things that are only in the virtual world to the real world. We can interact in the virtual world based on the real world and so is the game Jurassic World Alive Mod. But this is a prehistoric game with dinosaurs that in the present world do not exist. Now through the game, we can see different types of dinosaurs but in the actual map, the terrain is real. Hunting for them non-existent species is really real, just through the game it will appear right on your phoneGame Jurassic World Alive

With many different species

Participating in the game Jurassic World Alive is that you have participated in the process of discovering the dinosaur world with many different dinosaur species. To surprise you, what you need is to find the dinosaurs that appear on your phone to collect all the dinosaurs. Or you can become a user of species DNA to breed different species based on your knowledge. Ever thought that you could get yourself a carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, … or the gentle but extremely tall herbivorous dinosaurs Alamosaurus, Dinosaurs, etc. You need to work hard to get them. You can get them, if you have them, you need to take care and nurture them to feed them. Giving them a drink participates in the maturation of each different dinosaur species. If you have more friends to play with,Jurassic World Alive

Great design

With Jurassic World Alive Mod the world of dinosaurs as it is, you can become an explorer, a hunter of all kinds of dinosaurs, or an archaeological scientist to breed the genes to create those species. The developer has designed all kinds of dinosaurs that are everywhere. Even in your own home, you can have your own yard, garden, and you don’t have to go too far to have your own dinosaurs. When you see a dinosaur on your phone, you can follow it to find that place or use the game’s built-in function to bring the helicopter to catch it. You will find the game created very well when the species mainly gather in a place full of nature, few people instead of on the streets of cities with tall buildings. The game will bring the most authenticity to let you feel,

Jurassic World Alive Mod

Battery, also known as energy, is a must-have in the game to catch or fight dinosaurs together. But if you are a hardcore player and you will find that your energy runs out very quickly, which is something everyone doesn’t like, now there is a Hack version of Jurassic World Alive. Helps you have Unlimited Battery for you to freely explore without obstacles, never use up energy. And it also has Vip Unlock so you can use all the features that the original version does not have without paying a single penny.

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mod v2 need update 2.8.30
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mod v2 need update 2.8.30
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mod v2 need update 2.8.30
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What work for the Vip enable?
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Menu??? Where??? this is a big lie. this apk is worst version. the only truth is your battery
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p/l check mod v2
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