Junkyard builder simulator Mod APK 1.50 (Unlimited Money)
Junkyard builder simulator Mod APK 1.50 (Unlimited Money)

Junkyard builder simulator Mod APK 1.50 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - April 26, 2022
Name Junkyard builder simulator - Develop your junkyard
Version 1.50
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 138MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher FreeMind Games
Update April 26, 2022 (4 months ago )
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Junkyard builder simulator Mod makes you a boss of the scrap yard. With the task of turning old, discarded items into money-making things. Craft, repair, buy new materials to complete many different items. You can use them in your scrap yard or choose to increase profits, sell them for money. Continue to grow and build a career with scrap items. You will prove to everyone that you are a rich boss, thanks to their trash. This is a completely new simulation game, building open gameplay. With a first-person perspective, the same simple control mechanism. Make it easy for you to do all the activities you want.

Download Junkyard builder simulator Mod – A Game Simulating Career Development at the Scrapyard

The background of the Junkyard builder simulator Mod opens at a scrapyard. This place is a gathering place for scraps that people throw away. You are a manager of this scrapyard. Responsible for sorting, crafting, repairing, and disposing of unused and discarded items. With the goal of developing this scrap yard into a large scrap collection site. With modern objects and machines, they can be used for many different jobs. At the same time make a lot of money by selling the items you create.Junkyard builder simulator Mod


The gameplay of the Junkyard builder simulator Mod is quite simple. You can perform various tasks in the scrap yard. Look for usable items in your scrap yard. Pick up and move them to a gathering location. Match each scrap item together to create a useful item. Can be used. Or clean up the scrap yard. Separate usable and non-usable scraps into different colored trash cans. For example, blue trash cans for paper, red trash cans for metal. Yellow trash can for plastic and mixed trash can for garbage. Get rid of unusable scraps. Also, recycle new items. That will help you earn a lot of money.Dowload Junkyard builder simulator Mod

Lots of scraps

At the junkyard of Junkyard builder simulator Mod there are many different objects for you to discover. Including black garbage bags, wooden cabinets, tables and chairs, paint cans, valets, shoe boxes, etc. Even cars are thrown into the scrap yard. Every type of scrap is someone else’s waste. But if you know how to make use of it, using it for the right purpose will help you earn a huge profit. However, only after being recycled or reassembled into a new item, scrap has value. You can clean it, then bring it to craft. Depending on the item you recycle, you will receive the corresponding amount.Tai Junkyard builder simulator Mod

Crafting old cars

Crafting cars from scrap copper at Junkyard builder simulator Mod will help you earn a lot of money. Find items that can still be used for crafting. Clean the old paint that has rusted. Paint on a new paint color to create a new widget. Then install it in the car. Look for and perform each scrap item in turn. Gradually, you will complete a car as desired. From an old car to a brand new car. Then you will make a lot of money. Or invest money to buy new working machines. This makes your work more efficient. However, you will have to spend a huge amount of money. But very quickly you will recover your capital and make a profit.Game Junkyard builder simulator Mod

Realistic sound and graphics

Graphics of Junkyard builder simulator Mod is built in a classic space. Recreate the actual environment at the scrap yard. With old scraps, thrown away by others. Shown through the old colors, the paint layers are rusty. Combined with a first-person perspective, it gives you an extremely realistic experience. Besides, the actual sound is represented through the sound of footsteps. Or every time you perform an action. For example, throw the scraps to another location.

Creative skills are one of the factors that help you develop your career at this vast scrap yard. At Junkyard builder simulator Mod hard work is not enough. You need to have creative skills to craft new items from old scraps. Also, find the most effective ways to work. Shorten the time, optimize the work, but still ensure the progress of making objects.

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