June’s Journey Mod APK 2.61.3 (Money, Free Shopping)
June’s Journey Mod APK 2.61.3 (Money, Free Shopping)

June’s Journey Mod APK 2.61.3 (Money, Free Shopping)

By CBCC - July 20, 2022
Name June's Journey: Hidden Objects
Version 2.61.3
MOD Features Free Shopping, Energy
Size 111MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Adventure, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Wooga
Genre ,
Update July 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago )
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June’s Journey Mod is an adventure game, rather than a puzzle game. Play as the girl June to become a detective. Your mission is to find hidden objects that are hidden in many locations. At the same time, use the observation ability of a detective to detect unusual things. Go on adventurous adventures to solve unsolved mysteries. With the timeline taking place in the 20s of the last century.

You will have to do all the work of a detective as June. Find ways to solve mysterious cases. At the same time, discover many new story chapters, along with mysterious islands. Solve the case on the island you go to unlock the story of the new island. Go on a detective’s journey to become a brilliant crime-solving expert.

Download June’s Journey Mod – Unravel the Mystery of the Mansion Murder Case

The story of June’s Journey Mod revolves around the detective girl June. With her intelligence and excellent crime-solving skills, she became famous. Known by many as a talented detective. One day, she was invited to a large, luxurious but extremely mysterious mansion. There was a mysterious murder case here, many detectives came but shook their heads and turned back.

Receiving a mission from the landlord, now you embark on detective work. Find out the most accurate answer to this mysterious murder case. Although the reward received after completing the task is very large. But as she delves deeper into this case, June admits that this is the most difficult case in high fashion that she has ever taken on. Because reputation is something that every person living in the villa is very important.

Download June's Journey Mod

The process of investigating the case

Start investigating the mysterious murder case at the mansion in June’s Journey Mod. You need to search the entire scene around the mansion. From the victim’s location, the objects, and surroundings around the crime scene. Up to taking advantage of the relationships of the people involved in the victim. From there, exploit their testimony as a basis for investigation.

However, the more you investigate, the more you will notice the complexity of the case is not simple at all. Mysterious letters are delivered to your mailbox. With threats, make you realize this case is very difficult to solve. Or sometimes the witness’s words are not 100% believable. Even the person who admits to being a witness is not a witness to the case. In any of the statements from the victim’s relationships. There’s some kind of lie that can’t be trusted.

June's Journey Mod

Explore multiple stories by chapters

Revolving around the murder case in June’s Journey Mod. Players will discover many different stories, chapter by chapter. Each chapter takes place in many mysterious locations for you to investigate, with the goal of uncovering the truth behind the victim’s death. Step into June’s detective story. You will be an adventure to many new lands.

Experience many different tourist destinations to find out the mysteries. More than that, you will be immersed in June’s love story. Will the unsolved mysteries be revealed? Or will June give up her career as a detective to follow her own love story? Everything will be answered during your quest. With the activities going on, you will decide for yourself whether you will become a good detective or not.

Game June's Journey Mod

Hundreds of hidden objects

During the investigation of the case at June’s Journey Mod. The game offers hundreds of hidden objects for you to discover. Each object appears in different locations in the rooms. Or any of the places you go to investigate. However, the object you need to look for is being hidden by other objects. Using the experience of a detective, sharp observation ability.

Detect suspicious objects. Move them to another place to find the object you are looking for. After collecting the hidden objects under the hidden objects. You need to string objects together to find the answer to the question you are looking for. Gradually, you will find out the mystery of the victim’s death in the mansion.

Tai June's Journey Mod

Download June’s Journey Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

June’s Journey Mod also allows players to compete with other online detectives. Here, you can invite your friends to join the detective mission. Compete together to find the correct answers to mysterious questions, by finding hidden objects. After completing the challenge, you will have a chance to receive valuable rewards. What’s more, you can join the celebration to get even more rewards.

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