Jobmania Mod APK (Menu, Immortal/Onehit)
Jobmania Mod APK (Menu, Immortal/Onehit)

Jobmania Mod APK (Menu, Immortal/Onehit)

By thetoan - January 19, 2022
Name Jobmania
MOD Features Menu, Immortal/Onehit
Size 81M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Aubjective Technology
Update January 19, 2022 (13 hours ago )

Jobmania Mod is a turn-based fighting game with a unique character and quest system. You can play the game on the vertical screen of your phone, operate it with one hand and just click to play. Your task in the game is to choose a character class and choose a skill that is randomly provided in each match. Then defeat random opponents and collect rewards, treasures, and accumulated points. Just like that, you will gradually discover new powers and even tell interesting stories behind the character cards. The gameplay is simple, but the character system and skills are well-invested. So Jobmania deserves to be the next game in your game library from now on. Do you want to play it for free? Download the game at this site now.

Download Jobmania Mod – Eternal journey in the dungeon

Overall, Jobmania is built on the most classic dungeon fighting gameplay of all time. It also incorporates turn-based gameplay, one of the most familiar mechanics in mobile action games. So it can be said that anyone can play this game, even children. But that’s just how to approach the game, but to really master the battles with a strong desire to win, you will have to practice a lot. Tactical elements are highly appreciated in this game and are considered as the winning factor. Therefore, you must be an experienced gamer on the turn-based battlefield to conquer all of the hundreds of missions in the game. Is that enough to get you excited? If not, let’s explore more about the gameplay of the game.


Everything is random

To win in Jobmania, gamers must instill the principle of “Using randomness to make glory”. Because everything in this game is provided at random, typically character classes, weapons, and skills. So what is random? That is, before each match, gamers can choose a favorite character to confront the same random opponent. They will then have attacks and before each such wave, the game will display skills and character classes to choose from. You can decide your character is a mage, warrior, gunner, or another role. You can also decide the character’s skill is healing, attack, or more.

Therefore, it can be said that gamers can freely create their own strategies from randomly available things. So it doesn’t seem like it will take you much time to prepare before each match. But the pressure on each gamer is to calculate the battle plan as soon as the match is happening. You must be experienced and sharp enough to know what is the right skill for each attack depending on the battlefield situation. Consider the enemy’s remaining HP and the situations he can cause to decide your move. That’s what you need to do when playing Jobmania Mod. It’s more like a strategist than a warrior.


Discover the unique character system

Although it is just a simple role-playing game, Jobmania is quite well invested in terms of content, especially in the character system. It features more than 400 heroes with unique looks and impressive skill effects. Moreover, each hero has different characteristics, expressed through health, strength, HP, and level stats. Of course, heroes can be upgraded over time to become stronger. Although the skill is randomly selected by you during the match, for each character, the effect and effect of the skill will be different. So choosing a character for any battle is part of your strategic plan.

After each victory, players will receive treasure chests as a reward. They will bring a large source of gold coins as well as some important items. Gamers can use the money to unlock many new character cards and upgrade characters. The more coins you accumulate, the more opportunities you have to enrich your hero card collection.


Classic images

Jobmania has a classic 2D graphic style, creating a familiar feeling like the once-famous dungeon fighting experiences. Character images are carefully polished with unique and creative designs. Besides, the combat effects and sound in each skill are equally vivid. As a result, each battle creates a sense of excitement for gamers when playing. However, the game context is still quite simple, not wide enough and many to give a full feeling.

Jobmania Mod is a simple experience but impressive enough to satisfy fans. Dungeon lovers should not miss this game. It will delight you with hundreds of unique characters and hundreds of impressive skills. Moreover, the mission is very diverse for you to explore in hours of play.

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