Jewel Secret Castle Mod APK 1.2.2 (Increase Bosstitem)
Jewel Secret Castle Mod APK 1.2.2 (Increase Bosstitem)

Jewel Secret Castle Mod APK 1.2.2 (Increase Bosstitem)

By CBCC - December 19, 2021
Name Jewel Secret Castle: Match 3
Version 1.2.2
MOD Features Boost Bosstitem
Size 43MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Penta Game
Update December 19, 2021 (1 month ago )

Jewel Secret Castle Mod is a match-3 puzzle game. This is a puzzle game, opening thousands of interesting levels. Set in a magnificent gilded castle. This place hides a lot of gold, silver, precious stones, and valuable jewelry. Here, you will participate in puzzle levels to collect them. Besides the match-3 puzzle gameplay, the game also offers many other unique features. The feature saves game progress, allowing players to switch to a new device. Features to pay for items, including coins, ads, and items. Although it is a free game. But there will be some items or fees required. However, even without an Internet connection, it is still possible to play games anytime and anywhere with ease. Thanks to the offline play feature.

Download Jewel Secret Castle Mod – Collect Jewels And Gems In The Golden Castle

More than 3000 levels of play are provided by Jewel Secret Castle Mod. Help players unleash unlimited exploration and adventure. Each level takes place in a puzzle game. Includes many different types of jewelry for you to combine. Includes red diamond, blue gem, green gem, gold. There are some other types of jewelry that will appear on different levels. Each level will have its own conditions. You need to collect the required number of jewels to complete the mission. For example, collect a sufficient number of rings, gold trophies, or books. Depending on the level of play will have its own requirements. After completing the mission collect enough jewels. You will continue to step into a new level of play, with more difficult challenges.Jewel Secret Castle Mod

Gameplay, match gems, create special items

The gameplay of Jewel Secret Castle Mod takes place in a match-3 puzzle style. Entering each level, your task is to match 3 or more of the same jewels. Can be stacked horizontally or vertically. If you can match 4 or 5 gems. You will create a special gem. After using them to combine with fellow gems. Can create an explosion within a certain range. From there will collect a lot of different gems. Moreover, when matching 6 types of gems. It is possible to get a five-color orb. Use it with another gem. Can generate a large current, collect all the gems you choose on the screen. From there will quickly complete the task to receive valuable rewards.Download Jewel Secret Castle Mod

A limited number of turns, get chests

During the progression of levels of Jewel Secret Castle Mod. You need to pay attention to the number of combinations to collect jewels. Each level has a limit, requiring puzzle skills. In the condition of collecting a sufficient number of jewels that still have a combination turn. You will get a lot of extra points. From there can achieve excellent achievements, up to 3 stars for each level of play. On the contrary, after using up all the combinations. If you have not been able to collect the required number of jewels. If the mission fails, the level will have to be replaced. Simultaneously go through each level of play. After each mission is complete, get a good achievement. You will receive a golden chest. When opened, you will receive valuable items, which can be used in the next puzzle process.Game Jewel Secret Castle Mod

Use items

Besides match-3 puzzle skills to pass the levels in Jewel Secret Castle Mod. Players can also use items for better effect. Because in some levels the game will be challenging. Or when the number of combinations is running out, making it difficult to collect jewels. The game offers 3 different types of items for you to use. Includes magic hammer, grenade, and pentagram. Each item type has a unique ability. They can break the squares that prevent the jewelry in them from drifting down. Magic hammer can break squares in a small range. Grenades can create a big explosion to destroy more squares. In particular, the iridescent ball can help you collect an entire type of jewelry that appears on the screen.Ear Jewel Secret Castle Mod

The graphics of Jewel Secret Castle Mod are designed in a classic style. Set in a magnificent gilded castle. Unique sound combinations are expressed through the crackling sound of each jewelry pairing. It can be said that the effect is one of the most outstanding points in the game. The crumbling effect of the gems has been reproduced very impressively. Special effects using iridescent balls, luminous lines. Make you feel excited, not bored.

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