Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod APK 23.10160 (Unlimited Money)
Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod APK 23.10160 (Unlimited Money)

Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod APK 23.10160 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 18, 2022
Name Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive - Action Game
Version 23.10160
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 55MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Update March 18, 2022 (3 months ago )

Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod is an action game. Released exclusively for India. The game is developed by Halfbrick Studios. Provides a series of new features, based on the gameplay of the old game Jetpack Joyride. Improved graphics, environment based on many famous places of India. At the same time, the appearance of evil bosses played by comedians on Youtube. Such as Biswa Kalyan Rath and Zakir Khan. More than 20 unique jet devices for you to discover. Along with a diverse mission system, taking place in each level of play. Along with that are valuable rewards after completion. In addition, the control mechanism is still designed like the old gameplay. Not too complicated to implement, instead, players only need to touch to control the character.

Download Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod – Barrykanth’s Escape with Jet Devices

Play as Barrykanth in the Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod game. A brilliant scientist, with unique inventions. Includes jet devices that can help users fly through the air. The gameplay of Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod takes place according to a rather interesting story. Two days earlier, when scientist Barrykanth was in his mansion. The evil boss directed his henchmen to control the attack helicopter. Aim to assassinate Barrykanth to get all the inventions. As intended, the scientist was arrested and returned to the base. An escape begins at the boss’s base. Here, you will accompany scientist Barrykanth to start the escape. The goal is to break through the defenses and defeat the evil boss.Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod

More than 100 levels to play in ascending order

Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod missions in each level. More than 100 levels of play take place under different conditions. Example of completing the required distance. Or collect enough gold coins in a limited time. Or even defeat bosses on some levels. Each quest opens up a challenging adventure. With achievements expressed through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. To complete the mission excellently, get the maximum number of stars. You need to follow the requirements given at each level. Overcome each challenge in turn, entering new levels of play. The difficulty also increases gradually from there. Requires your skill to dodge the obstacles. Conquer tough challenges. The reward received after winning is also increased.Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod

Obstacles, support tools

During the escape at Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod. You will face a lot of dangerous challenges. Obstacles appear everywhere. Including rockets, powerful lasers, high-voltage plasma portals, etc. Each obstacle has its own way of working. Missiles, for example, will be warned in advance, followed by a rocket approaching. Or the electric plasma gate can generate an enormous amount of electricity. You need to get away quickly before the power is activated. Along with that, you can also use support items. Typically, defensive shields, extra time, magnets attract gold coins. Each item type will have its own ability. For example, magnets will help you collect all the gold that appears in a certain period of time.Game Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod

Use of vehicles, jet equipment

The escape in Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod will become even more attractive. When you can control a moving motorcycle. Or operate a giant cyborg, with solid defensive iron armor. Or ride an iron dragon capable of spitting fire. A very impressively designed metal bird. Each type of vehicle brings a unique experience. As well as their advantages for you to overcome difficult challenges. Besides, there are many types of unique jet equipment to explore. For example, a guitar is powered by a high voltage source of electricity. The device is capable of firing bullets. Jet devices not only help the character fly into the air. But they are also capable of attacking the henchmen in the base of the evil boss.Download Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod

In Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive Mod you can customize the appearance of your character. With so many different outfits. For example F1 drivers, Singh is Bling, Beach Bum, and Doodhwala. Each type of costume is very impressively designed. To get them, you need to pass the levels. Achieve excellent achievements with a maximum number of stars. Also, don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They appear throughout the course of the escape. Try to collect as many as you can. Because gold is one of the most important factors. Helps you unlock new jet devices. Or customize the appearance of the character.

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