Iron Throne APK 6.3.0
Iron Throne APK 6.3.0

Iron Throne APK 6.3.0

By BQH - January 4, 2022
Name Iron Throne
Version 6.2.0
Size 94MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Netmarble
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

You love adventure, discovering mysteries in the mythical world. Iron Throne partly helps players satisfy this special pleasure. Set in the distant medieval kingdom. Here the precious iron throne is kept. Therefore, this is the source of the beginning of fierce wars. The evil forces, neighboring kingdoms constantly attack, want to usurp treasures. Causing the people to fall into misery and chaos, the powerful clans also gradually disintegrated. By participating in the gameplay, players will transform into talented and intelligent warriors. Ready to crush those greedy, evil people, return peace to the kingdom. The first thing you need to do is build yourself an elite army. Equip modern combat vehicles to help you feel more confident when facing the enemy. In particular, strengthen the stronghold, set up traps around. Make the enemy have no chance to penetrate. Get ready to enter the brutal battle of life and death. Enemies are terrible, players need to create smart attacks. Simultaneously control your army skillfully. Launch a series of powerful moves, destroying all of them in a flash. Gameplay possesses quite simple gameplay, easy to understand but requires you to have skill and strategy. Only one hundred battles can be won, completing the great mission.

Download Iron Throne Mod – Fight against evil forces, become the savior of humanity

In Iron Throne Mod your enemies are not only humans but also prehistoric monsters, dragons. They will attack the kingdom at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to build a strong stronghold, with a powerful and elite army that is always ready to fight. Besides, strengthening the developed economy, stocking enough food and weapons for heroes to go to battle. Regularly practice promoting creativity in fighting style, exploiting the maximum strength of each character. When entering the battle, you will have to control the heroes at the same time. Use the attack button on the screen to let them automatically launch moves to defeat the enemy. Remember to arrange a reasonable battle, arrange the position of the characters in accordance with the strengths of each person. Help fight the best, grasp the victory. Collect precious items that appear on the way. They are a powerful tool to help warriors defeat giant monsters easily. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible to receive huge bonuses. Feel free to unlock modern equipment and spend on jobs in the kingdom. Especially collect useful information to help quickly find the location of the iron throne.

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Character system

Faced with great strengths, players cannot fight alone and win a full victory. The system allows you to freely build an army in your own way. The gameplay gathers dozens of characters possessing terrible power. Each has different advantages and tactics. Give players the freedom to create many cool tactics, smart fighting styles. However, it takes regular practice to control the characters well. And make the most of each hero’s strengths.

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Various missions

Iron Throne Mod owns a variety of game modes with a series of attractive missions. Keep your experience fresh. Each type will have different challenges and difficulties that will bring a moment of suffocating suspense. The job that appears throughout all levels is combat. In addition, the system also assigns additional tasks such as Building facilities for the kingdom, collecting information about the throne, fighting bosses, participating in PvP matches, etc. waiting for you to explore and conquer. After completing the army of the player will be upgraded strength, multiply some new combat skills. Ready to take on the harder task.

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Iron Throne Mod is the publisher’s special attention to the quality of graphics. To help players have the most realistic experience. The image is clear to every detail, the character movement is smooth, the colors are harmonious. This is something that games of the same genre rarely do. Diverse battle locations, many new lands for you to explore. Character shaping in the style of medieval knights stimulates the excitement of players. The vivid sound combined with heroic, epic background music. It will definitely help gamers have wonderful and meaningful moments of experience.

Iron Throne mod

Come to Iron Throne to show your fighting talent and promote creative thinking, organizing, and operating an army. Players have the opportunity to explore more lands, possessing the precious iron throne in the legend. Invite friends and colleagues to join. Together, go through the levels of suspense and tension when performing tasks. Helping people to grow closer and closer. Download Iron Throne Mod to build and lead your army to war everywhere, defeating the forces of evil.

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