Into The Dead 2 Mod APK 1.48.0 (Menu/Money, Vip, Upgrade)

By LMH - September 11, 2021
Into The Dead 2 Mod APK 1.48.0 (Menu/Money, Vip, Upgrade)
Name Into the Dead 2
Version 1.48.0
MOD Features Menu/Money/Vip/Upgrade
Size 2GB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher PIKPOK
Update September 11, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Into The Dead 2 mod is an attractive action game released by PIKPOK with an attractive survival style, since its launch, the game has attracted millions of participants and is widely distributed everywhere. globally. Currently, the gameplay is developed based on 2 platforms IOS and Android, making it easier for you to access and download more simply by different payment methods. The game is inspired by the zombies that appeared after the outbreak of the disease, besides when downloading the Mod version on our site, players will experience the unlimited money feature to make the game more interesting.

Download Into The Dead 2 Mod – Destroy Dark Zombies

Into The Dead 2 Mod has a fascinating plot with the world suddenly appearing a strange disease that makes many people become zombies. The story revolves around the character James is on his way to find Halen, his wife is lost in the city where the zombies are mastering this land, they always find ways to attack the survivors and turn them into zombies. Mummies. On the way to the destination, due to avoiding zombies, his car had an accident, fortunately, James didn’t have any serious problems, but when he got out of the car, he had to face the zombies. chase yourself. Use the prepared gun to defend yourself and defeat the zombies that stand in your way.Game Into the Dead 2 Mod

Character control

Hack Into The Dead 2 is designed in the form of a first-person perspective to help you experience the action through the eyes of the character. Your mission is to do everything to find Halen and bring her back home before it’s too late. With fairly simple gameplay, the character will always move forward, the player only needs to control the character to avoid zombies or shoot them down on his way. At first Into The Dead 2 Mod will let you use a pistol, but along the way, players will unlock more powerful guns and need to pay attention to the number of bullets they have. Because ammunition is very limited that you will randomly collect on the way, so save it until needed to use it.

Complete mission

Into The Dead 2 Mod includes 7 chapters with more than 60 different levels, the difficulty will be increased gradually after each level you have passed. Each level will be a different challenge you need to overcome, besides there will be a series of interesting tasks for you to complete such as killing 6 zombies in a row or avoiding 5 unused ones continuously. gun use. After completing the task you will receive valuable gifts. To increase the attractiveness of the game, you will be accompanied by a dog and it will protect you and defeat the zombies. In addition, Into The Dead 2 Mod allows you to upgrade guns to increase strength and easily defeat zombies such as: upgrade ammunition, stronger damage when shooting.Into the Dead 2 Mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Into The Dead 2 Mod are designed in sharp 3D, but the background is gloomy, this helps to add drama to the game and makes players feel like they are lost in a gloomy world where the demons are shining. onion. In addition, the developer has portrayed very scary zombies you can see through their faces, along with perfect effects that create realistic images such as when you use a gun to shoot people. When the zombie name comes out, the blood will come out. Combined with quality sound effects and rhythmically transitioning sound melodies, players are more excited to participate.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Into The Dead 2 players will experience the exciting unlocking feature, then you will experience all the attractive features of the game as well as freely choose the weapons. My favorite gun. An entertaining game that will help players have relaxing moments while playing, download Into The Dead 2 Mod to experience a gloomy world with scary zombie names and help James find Halen again. lost in the city.

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