Infinite Worlds Mod APK 1.0.14 (Immortal, High Damage)
Infinite Worlds Mod APK 1.0.14 (Immortal, High Damage)

Infinite Worlds Mod APK 1.0.14 (Immortal, High Damage)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Infinite Worlds
Version 1.0.14
MOD Features Immortal, High Damage
Size 265MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Lemon Jam Studio
Update March 13, 2022 (4 months ago )

Infinite Worlds Mod opens an endless world. Takes you into dramatic turn-based battles. With the gameplay progressing according to the game’s plot. In a fantasy world, combined with vivid 3D graphics. The game builds an extremely attractive plot, with depth. Unleash battles in many different locations. Along with many challenges that you have to overcome. Not to disappoint players, the developer Lemon Jam Studio offers many unique features. Diverse character system, can upgrade combat power. Besides the combat missions, you also have to manage a town of your own. Through battles, you can use honor points to upgrade and build buildings.

Download Infinite Worlds Mod – Battles to Stop the Invasion of Creatures

The setting of Infinite Worlds Mod is opened in a fantasy world. A crack appeared in the vast sky. Has created conditions for alien beings to enter the world of humanity. They usher in a war of aggression, plot to dominate. At the Original Tree Palace, led by Queen Efalia. Calling upon the lords of the Apocalypse Knight. Ask them to summon all the adventurers in the world. Return to the Original Tree palace to fight the invasion of creatures. Save the world from the apocalypse. Help humanity continues to live in a beautiful world. Join the game, you play the role of a knight. Enter the war with alien creatures. Destroy them to save the world, protect humanity from domination.Infinite Worlds Mod

Various adventurers, all kinds of equipment

Gather a team of adventurers to participate in the battles of Infinite Worlds Mod. Here, you can recruit many different adventurers. They are races with their own appearance and fighting ability. From humans, elves, to ancient animals like dragons. Each adventurer possesses a diverse set of skills. Their strength will be shown in the course of battle. Besides, each adventurer can equip items. Includes weapons, helmets, armor, boots, rings, and necklaces. Each type of equipment when used for adventurers. Not only help them change their appearance to become more impressive. It also increases combat ability such as damage per hit. Defense increased, can withstand multiple attacks from enemies.Download Infinite Worlds Mod

Turn-based gameplay, use the right skills

Enter the battles in Infinite Worlds Mod your quest to lead adventurers. Fight creatures in various stages. With turn-based gameplay, you and the enemy will take turns attacking when it’s your turn. Overcome each challenge in turn, defeating the creature in stages. You can end the battle to complete the mission. After that will continue to step into new battles. Face tougher challenges. Fight with creatures with superior combat power than before. To be able to win requires your skills to lead adventurers. Use the right attack moves every time it’s your turn. Combine strategy using smart people. Recruit heroes with superior abilities to attack effectively.Game Infinite Worlds Mod

Pass the stages, fight the boss

During the battle of Infinite Worlds Mod. After defeating a creature, you will enter a new stage. Face off against a creature with superior combat abilities than before. Or fight many different creatures in the same stage. Defeat the creatures in each challenge in turn. You will enter the final stage, fighting the boss. This is the hardest test in a war. Because bosses are not only larger in size compared to normal creatures. And the fighting ability is also very strong. Can deal massive amounts of damage with each attack. Causing the adventurers’ health to rapidly decrease. At the same time, the boss’s defense is also very impressive. Withstands multiple hits from adventurers’ skills.Tai Infinite Worlds Mod

As said earlier, apart from the wars with creatures. Infinite Worlds Mod also allows you to manage a town. In the town, there are many different buildings for you to build. Through these battles, you will get honor points after winning. From there, you can upgrade the buildings to become more beautiful. Even using honor points, you can unlock more new buildings. What’s more, every building in town isn’t just beautiful. But they also have their own functions. Used effectively, you can develop the combat power of adventurers.

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