Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod APK 0.8.03 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod APK 0.8.03 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod APK 0.8.03 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 26, 2022
Name Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator - ISEPS
Version 0.8.03
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 33MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Octocube Games
Update March 26, 2022 (2 months ago )

Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod is a newly released game from the makers of Octocube Games. Currently, the game is in early access. Players can experience it for free to explore the attractive features in the game. At the same time, the publisher announced that there will be some errors appearing during the experience. Players can give feedback on the errors encountered so that they can improve. The game is in the category of strategy games, designed for idle gameplay. Here, you will play the role of a scientist. With the task of creating explosions by combining explosives. In particular, the game allows you to be creative with your own recipes. You can then witness the explosion in space created by your own hands.

Download Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod – Experimenting with Nuclear Explosions in Space

At a laboratory in the spaceship of the Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod. With the background open to space, surrounded in a dark color. As a scientist, you are sent to test nuclear explosions. Take outer space as a testing ground. Because only there can one know how powerful a nuclear explosion is. Use the chemicals provided by the game. You can freely create explosions by combining chemicals together. Can be made according to the actual chemical formula. Or you can make your own recipe, with a complex combination of chemicals. This is a game not only for entertainment. But also very useful, will help you learn the knowledge of chemicals.Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod

Lots of labs

Not just a single lab for you to craft. Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod provides various laboratories. At each lab, you can craft a nuclear explosion according to many recipes. However, the lab needs to be unlocked. Before wanting to go to a new lab to craft. You need to complete a nuclear explosion at the previous lab. Use chemicals to combine them in different ways. Generates an explosion on request from the system. Only then can you go to the next lab. Continue experimenting with chemicals to create a bigger explosion. Complete the mission of a brilliant scientist. Great contributions to chemical formulas can create an explosion.Dowload Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod

Combine Atoms

During nuclear explosion testing at Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod. Thanks to the crafting recipes, players will feel more realistic when performing experimental work. The motions of atoms with different colors. Their development in outer space with a mixed mix. With the correct combination of factors, you will complete the experiment that the system offers. Then you can continue to come up with new tasks. At the same time, the difficulty also increases after you come to the next experiments. Use your practical knowledge and intelligence to combine elements. Complete the space experiment in the best way. Prove the brilliant ability of a scientist.Game Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod

Reward received

The reward in Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod is money. The game has many different ways to earn money. Besides completing experiments, you can participate in events. After completing the challenge set by the system. The amount you receive will correspond to the achievement achieved. Want to earn more money, you will have to complete the challenge excellently. The money earned can be used to perform difficult tasks. Or maybe unlock new explosives in the next experiments. From there, you can create a new recipe for a bigger explosion.Tai Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod

Although Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator Mod is designed to play in an idle style. But the graphics are still used by the developer on the 3D platform. With sharp image quality, and beautiful motion effects of atoms in space. The combination of a realistically reproduced outer space setting, with the enveloping of darkness. Especially impressive effects from explosions will bring you an interesting experience. Along with unique sounds, expressed through background music, fun tunes.

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