Idle Royale Tycoon Mod APK 1.68 (Unlimited Tickets)
Idle Royale Tycoon Mod APK 1.68 (Unlimited Tickets)

Idle Royale Tycoon Mod APK 1.68 (Unlimited Tickets)

By CBCC - January 11, 2022
Name Idle Royale Inc. - Incremental Merge Battle Game
Version 1.68
MOD Features Unlimited Tickets
Size 55MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Evolution Games GmbH
Update January 11, 2022 (6 days ago )

Idle Royale Tycoon Mod is an idle simulation game. Combined with unique weapon elements. Revolving around gun consolidation operations to maximize profits. Here, you will have the opportunity to own a collection of Battle Royale weapons. Through fun puzzle activities. The game is built with extremely interesting gameplay. Promises to bring exciting entertainment times. With a lot of different features, provided by Evolution Games GmbH. In addition to graphics, sound, designed high quality. You also discover a lot of unique guns. Along with that, don’t forget your ultimate goal. That is looking for ways to make as much money as possible. Through different levels on the theme of gun fusion. Aim to increase profits to become a super-rich person.

Download Idle Royale Tycoon Mod – Merge To Create Special Guns

The gameplay of Idle Royale Tycoon Mod is quite simple. But it brings you interesting experiences. Instead of using guns to fight like other simulation games. Here, you will learn about the design style of the guns. Through gun, merge operations to create a new gun. At the same time increase profits, helping your assets will constantly increase. Based on strategic gameplay to increase profits. With quite easy gameplay, you just need to touch and drag to perform the merge operation. However, to be able to learn the entire gun of the system. Will need to go through a lot of processes, through the game screen. Along with that are challenges that require agility. Race against time to create the most powerful guns.Idle Royale Tycoon Mod

Gameplay, tasks to perform

Each level of Idle Royale Tycoon Mod takes place in real-time. For a maximum of 3 minutes. Your mission is to merge the guns together. Their strength is shown in the number of stars and damage points. Through merging two guns with the same number of stars and points. From there it is possible to create a new gun, with superior power. For example, merging two 1-star guns, with 4 damage points. Then will create a 2-star gun, with 11 points. Besides, during the game screen. According to a certain period of time. You will get a new random gun. Merge them together one by one to create high-spec guns. After the time is over, the money you earn will correspond to the achievements obtained during the gun merge.Game Idle Royale Tycoon Mod

More than 400 types of guns

Coming to Idle Royale Tycoon Mod, you will discover more than 400 types of guns. With a diverse gun system, designed very differently. They are divided into several different segments. It can be followed by pistols, long guns, sniper rifles, machine guns, … and many more. In it, each segment has a lot of unique guns. Through merge stages taking place in real-time. From combining them together. Gradually you will own an arsenal of your own. As well as achieving the goal, becoming a super-rich person. Own a huge fortune. However, to get the guns strong. Requires your observation skills to be very agile. With a little luck.Download Idle Royale Tycoon Mod

There are 3 main currencies

In Idle Royale Tycoon Mod there are 3 main currencies. Includes gold coins, banknotes, and X coins. Each currency has a lot of different ways to earn. Through the game screen merge, guns create guns with superior power. From there you will get the gold coins. X coins can be obtained through some merged guns. Or after the time is over, you will get the paper money. The amount of money will correspond to the achievement achieved. Along with that, each currency is used for a separate activity. Using them appropriately will help you achieve great results. For example, gold coins can be used to speed up the spawn time of new guns. From there you can continuously merge to create high-spec guns.Idle Royale Tycoon Mod

Not only participating in playing Idle Royale Tycoon Mod alone. Here, you can also compete with friends or other players. Through online multiplayer mode. Show your skills to merge the guns. Own a huge arsenal of weapons, including special guns. From there can overcome other players. Appear on outstanding achievement leaderboards. Win the Gold Cup with the noble title. Known by many other players.

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