Idle Museum: History & Science Mod APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Museum: History & Science Mod APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Museum: History & Science Mod APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money)

By CMB - November 27, 2021
Name Idle Museum: History & Science
Version 1.7.6
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 73MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher Pixodust Games
Update November 27, 2021 (7 days ago )

Are you passionate about business, want to open a shop but don’t know where to start? Coming to Idle Museum: History & Science here will give you a lot of knowledge, opportunities, and great experiences related to this field. Is one of the most popular simulation games on the mobile market. In this gameplay, the player will become the manager of a large museum in the city. There are many artists coming to display their art products. It can be paintings, antiques, etc… These works will help attract visitors to visit. You can collect tickets to enter, earn profits to develop your store. Build marketing strategies, advertise your exhibition closer to customers. Upgrade facilities, more luxurious and classy infrastructure. Each upgrade will cost a certain amount of coins.

Download Idle Museum: History & Science Mod – Grow your museum

There is a special feature in Idle Museum: History & Science Mod that you can upgrade the objects displayed in your museum. For example Dinosaur skeletons, statues of Egyptian gods, beautiful paintings, etc. After upgrading to the max, the number of visitors to visit increased a lot. The ticket counter now needs to recruit more staff, ensuring enough capacity to operate without delay. Open more programs and services for customers to join in the fun. If you just come to visit, it will be very boring. The chances of returning guests will not be high. You can sell more snacks, open a floating house for children, etc… Unleash your creativity in this business. When the income is more stable, players can invest more artworks. The gameplay is simple but extremely attractive. Players are easy to sink,

Game Idle Museum Tycoon mod

Gameplay and quests

Your task when participating in Idle Museum: History & Science Mod is to distribute resources appropriately. Build more works according to the system’s requirements. There are not many tasks for you to do. Indeed, this is a very idle game, you can earn money without doing anything. The operation is as simple as clicking on the screen, choosing the appropriate location and building. When you first enter the game, the system will give you some extremely simple tasks. For example: By upgrading the Buddha statue to level 10, the number of visitors to the museum must reach 5 people/day. These tasks are really easy to do, you can complete them in just a moment. The free time when playing this gameplay will be a lot. You can do many other jobs and activities very conveniently.

Game Idle Museum Tycoon mod apk


The main job of the player is to upgrade the works displayed in the museum. The job is simple, just click on the screen and choose. Click on the things you want to upgrade. Then, the phone screen will display parameters including Galeri, Berklee, and the. If you don’t know anything about this information, heed Alivia’s prompt. She will guide and suggest ways to make this activity easier and more convenient. Set a ticket price for each visitor to your museum. When the number of visitors has stabilized, day 1 is more crowded. You raise the selling price higher, earn a bigger profit. However, for this process to take place successfully. Make sure there are unique and beautiful works of art inside the museum. Let visitors visit them to see that the money they spend is worth the actual experience.

Museum Tycoon mod apk

Graphics and sound

Idle Museum: History & Science Mod is like simulation games today. Graphic elements are cared for, invested a lot. If you pay close attention, you will see that this gameplay has a very similar visual design to Idle car tycoon. The perfection of details is extremely high. Attract players from the first time playing the game. The works of art, antique objects are quite realistic, looking very eye-catching. In particular, the sound in the game is very gentle and attractive. The sound every time the ticket is collected will definitely make you feel very excited and addicted.

Museum Tycoon mod

Idle Museum: History & Science is the place for you to try yourself with the business. Develop and expand the scale of the larger museum. Remember, when many visitors come to visit, there will be interested artists, interested in your museum. They will bring their famous quality work to the exhibition for display. This will help the quality of the museum on day 1 be upgraded and more luxurious. Download Idle Museum Tycoon Mod to manage all activities intelligently.

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