Idle Mafia Boss Mod APK 1.23.1 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Mafia Boss Mod APK 1.23.1 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Mafia Boss Mod APK 1.23.1 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - May 9, 2022
Name Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra
Version 1.23.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 322MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher ALPHATIER Studios
Update May 9, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Idle Mafia Boss Mod is an idle simulation game. A combination of elements of making money and managing Mafia. Here, you will become a Mafia boss of the city. Realize your goal of building your own empire. Unlike other ordinary idle games. Instead of clicking continuously to earn a lot of money. You will have to optimize your workflow to automatically monetize. The game requires the development strategy of a Mafia boss. With lots of different activities for you to accomplish your goals. From exploiting resources to profit. Up to the process of managing and maintaining ongoing activities. You need to calculate carefully, as well as continuously invest money to grow. Over time, it will certainly build a strong Mafia empire. Become the richest Mafia boss.

Download Idle Mafia Boss Mod – Become a Rich Mafia Boss From Alcohol Business

To become a Mafia boss in the game Idle Mafia Boss Mod. You will have to perform a lot of different jobs. Set up a business to start carrying out illegal activities. Your main business is the transnational contraband trade. Starting from hiring employees to do the production and shipping. Until the optimization of the number of employees to work efficiently. Then you need to expand your business to grow bigger. Every activity that takes place needs your management skills. Want to earn a lot of money to be able to build a strong Mafia empire. You will have to use effective trading strategies. As well as strict management so that employees work hard. From there, it is possible to make huge profits from selling illegal alcohol.Idle Mafia Boss Mod

Optimizing the process, the workers working

In the process of transnational smuggled alcohol business at Idle Mafia Boss Mod. You need to optimize your workflow to save costs. The business location is located underground, divided into different floors. To be able to make money from selling illegal alcohol across the country. There will need to be a sufficient number of employees working, they take on different jobs. Including production staff, directly in charge at the winery. Responsible for packing wine into barrels. Employees transport alcohol from the basement to the surface. The porter is responsible for loading the wine barrel onto the truck. Finally, a transport worker, in charge of transporting alcohol for consumption. Besides, you can hire more supervisors. They will watch directly at the production area. Get bartenders to work harder.Download Idle Mafia Boss Mod

Business area expansion

Over time, the illegal alcohol business has been developed at Idle Mafia Boss Mod. You will make a profit from taking the wine to drink. Using the money earned can continue to invest. Expand business area to increase profits. By unlocking more wine production areas deeper into the ground. Also, hire more staff to carry out production activities. That will provide more barrels of wine. Help you earn a huge profit. However, to unlock the next floor you need to meet two conditions. Include required level and sufficient amount. Unlock each production area in turn. Through the levels achieved in the course of trading. You can earn a lot of money to become a rich Mafi tycoon.Game Idle Mafia Boss Mod

4 cities in America

Become a Mafia boss in Idle Mafia Boss Mod. You can manage 4 different cities. Including New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Hollywood. These are all famous cities in America. To be able to make a business from the illegal alcohol trade. You need to have a smart strategy. From production, management, hiring staff, to consumption. Each city will bring you a huge profit. Before that, however, you need to capture the entire market share of each city. By reaching the required level to unlock a new city.Tai Idle Mafia Boss Mod

In addition to expanding the production area at Idle Mafia Boss Mod. You also have to perform a very important task. It is an elevator upgrade to increase the transport load. Use the money earned from bringing alcohol to consume. You can upgrade the elevator speed, load speed, and capacity of the elevator. From there, the performance can be increased. Each move to the basement can transport more wine barrels. Besides, throughout the business process. You also have to upgrade time, extra money, speed, and staff. The maximum upgrade will make your business more efficient.

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