Idle Five Basketball Mod APK 1.17.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Idle Five Basketball Mod APK 1.17.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Idle Five Basketball Mod APK 1.17.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 22, 2022
Name Idle Five Basketball
Version 1.17.3
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Size 52MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Publisher Gaminho
Update January 22, 2022 (2 days ago )

Idle Five Basketball Mod is a sports game, inspired by the sport of basketball. You become a manager, with the task of developing your own club. Recruit, transfer, and train basketball players. Lead them to participate in exciting matches with rival clubs. A series of tasks for you to perform with the goal of making a lot of money. Become a rich boss in the world of basketball. Own a talented basketball team with professional players. Along with beautiful skills. Although you are not directly involved in basketball games. But plays a very important role in the development and building of the club. Responsible for all issues related to the tactics and skills of each player.

Download Idle Five Basketball Mod – Become the Manager of the Basketball Club

The gameplay of Idle Five Basketball Mod is extremely attractive. As a manager, you need to earn a lot of money to grow the club. Recruit talented players, arrange them in the right position in the starting line-up. Use the money to increase experience, help players to new levels. At the same time, there are many ways for you to make money. In addition to participating in basketball competitions with other clubs. It is the players that will bring you a huge profit. According to a certain period of time, you will receive money from basketball players. Using that money, you continue to upgrade the player to the maximum level. This not only helps the club earn more money but also unlocks the full skill set of the players. Help them play more effectively in matches against strong opponents.Tai Idle Five Basketball Mod

Build your own club

Start Idle Five Basketball Mod by building a dream basketball team. First, you need to create a club, personalize it in your own style. Expand the competition venues in the city to have many different areas. Bring fresh matches with a unique ambient design and environment. Also give the club a name, using a meaningful name or whatever you want. Next is the selection of jerseys for club members. Design your own or choose your favorite shirt, making it easy for you to identify the players. Finally, use the club’s logo to distinguish your club from other clubs. After completing the process of creating a club of your own. You as a manager, on behalf of the club, can compete with the top basketball teams in the world.Idle Five Basketball Mod

The process of the match

During the Idle Five Basketball Mod’s basketball game. Your basketball team will compete against your opponent’s team. Each match has 4 rounds, 2 offensive rounds, and 2 defensive rounds. If your team is on the offensive side, the players will constantly make throws into the basket. Also, use skills to score as many points as possible. Not so simple, the opposing team will try to prevent you, making you unable to score. Besides, if your team is on the defensive side. The players in the squad will retreat to their own part of the field. Together, stop the opposing team from throwing the ball into the basket. You can even use skills to deal with the opponent’s pitches. Repeat this until the end of 4 rounds. The team that scores the most points wins in the end. At the same time get a lot of bonuses.Dowload Idle Five Basketball Mod

Lots of basketball players, individual skills

Idle Five Basketball Mod owns a lot of characters for you to choose from. They are all basketball players, possessing skills and the ability to play in their own style. Shown through the attack, defense, durability, and skills. Select and recruit the players you want, then train them to develop their ability to compete. From amateur to semi-professional and finally professional. Use upgrade money to maximize the level to help your basketball player get the best performance in the game. Upgrade each player in turn, you will own a talented basketball team. Can play against any club around the world. Climb the leaderboard through consecutive wins. Become one of the most famous clubs.Game Idle Five Basketball Mod

The highlight of Idle Five Basketball Mod is the easy control mechanism. With just one touch, you can perform the activities you want. From collecting money from players to the upgrade process. What’s more, the sound is fun, and the background music is vibrant. Played throughout the experience and every interesting tune during the basketball game. Gives you a feeling of enjoyment and not being bored after a period of experience.

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