Idle Fishing Story Mod APK 1.96.51 (Unlocked Costumes)
Idle Fishing Story Mod APK 1.96.51 (Unlocked Costumes)

Idle Fishing Story Mod APK 1.96.51 (Unlocked Costumes)

By CBCC - March 14, 2022
Name Idle Fishing Story
Version 1.96.51
MOD Features Unlocked Outfits
Size 65MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Metamoki
Update March 14, 2022 (2 months ago )

Challenge yourself in the fishing tournaments of the game Idle Fishing Story Mod. Players will have the opportunity to explore the vast ocean. Through fishing, competitions to go to many different seas. Your mission is to compete with other anglers. Complete the tasks given by the organizers to win. At the same time learn about many different species of fish in the vast seas. As well as know the characteristics of each fish species. Besides, you will receive rewards from the organizers. Can raise the championship cup of the tournament that you have won. The game belongs to the simulation game genre, promising to bring you the most exciting fishing experience.

Download Idle Fishing Story Mod – Participate in Exciting Fishing Competitions

The story of Idle Fishing Story Mod revolves around Captain Raymond and his daughter Poppy. Their family business is facing a huge challenge. With the competition of a famous fishing brand. They have won a lot of customers from Raymond’s company. What if Raymond’s fishing company can’t win the upcoming professional fishing event. Their family will have to sell the company to pay off the huge amount of debt. Join the game, you will accompany Captain Raymond to participate in the fishing tournament. Use your wits to win competitions. Complete the tasks given by the organizers in each tournament. From there, you’ll get rewards for building your own empire.Idle Fishing Story Mod

Gameplay, complete the request

The gameplay of Idle Fishing Story Mod is designed in an idle style. With a simple control mechanism, you just need to touch on the screen to perform operations. Just like easy fishing, just tap to pull the fishing rod. Each contest takes place, the number of fish caught is not the deciding factor to victory. Instead, you need to meet the conditions set forth by the organizers in each tournament. Fishing as many types of fish as required to complete the contest. At the same time, each contest is divided into several small rounds. Participate in the round, in 1 day’s time, you need to complete the challenge that the organizers give. Fishing all kinds of fish at the earliest time will achieve high results in the rankings. Otherwise, if you cannot complete the request, you will lose. Disqualified from that round, unable to continue.Download Idle Fishing Story Mod

Fishing process

Enter the fishing competition of Idle Fishing Story Mod. You use the boat as a means of transportation to the vast seas. Choose a suitable place to start the sentence. During fishing, after a while, you will have to pull the rod. Observe the buoy floating in the sea, along with the blue progress circle. Every time the fish takes a bite, the progress circle fills up. You need to pull the rod to catch the fish. Continuously pull the rod to catch a variety of fish. At the same time, each time you catch a fish, you will receive gold coins. The more you fish, the more gold you get. From there, you will own a huge fortune. You can upgrade and unlock new boats, or hire a captain to fish in your absence.Tai Idle Fishing Story Mod

Compete with a lot of anglers, collect items

Join the tournaments of Idle Fishing Story Mod. You will have the opportunity to meet many different anglers. They are your opponents in fishing competitions. Let’s win against the opponents by catching enough numbers and types of fish as required by the organizers. Besides competing with rivals in tournaments. You can learn many things from them, how to arrange boats, where to anchor in each sea. At the same time, during fishing, you will have the opportunity to collect a lot of valuable items. Chests, glass bottles floating on the sea. Once unlocked, you have a chance to get pearls or bait, and much more.Game Idle Fishing Story Mod

Idle Fishing Story Mod provides players with a lot of different characters. They are captains, can control the boat to the sea to fish. Typical such as Captain Raymond, O’Mally, Russell, Hannah, Sea Man, … and many other characters. As said earlier, the game is designed for idle gameplay. Each captain can automatically fish, even in your absence. In addition, you will be able to explore many different seas, through the location of each tournament. Typically, the Caribbean, Egypt, Rome, etc. Each sea contains many unique fish species. For example swordfish, tuna, or many rare and unknown fish species.

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