Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod APK 0.7.1 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod APK 0.7.1 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod APK 0.7.1 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 21, 2022
Name Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon
Version 0.7.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 88MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Game Veterans
Update March 21, 2022 (2 months ago )

Build and manage your cruise ship in Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod. This is a simulation game designed for idle gameplay. As a manager, you can make all the decisions on board. As well as having the right to make development decisions. Aiming to generate great revenue and success in the cruise ship business. To enhance the experience, provide a pleasant business time on board. The developer has provided a series of unique features. With a system of diverse tasks to perform during the game. Attractions to be able to lead tourists to visit. Interact with Captain Claire through chats. Combine bright graphics, beautiful images. Make it fun to participate.

Download Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod – Manage Your Cruise Ship To Increase Profit

The story of Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod revolves around the cruise ship. Set in a sea. Here, in the role of a manager. Your mission is to accompany Captain Claire to develop the ship. Carry out business operations and upgrade ships. Through attracting customers to visit and experience to make a profit. With the goal of becoming a rich tycoon in the cruise ship business. To make it a reality. It will have to go through many different stages. At the same time, it is necessary to have an effective business strategy. As well as using money to invest appropriately. In order to meet the wants and needs of customers to make a lot of money. From there, a huge profit can be obtained.Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod

Cabins and locations onboard

On a cruise ship in the simulation game Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod. Divided into different compartments. Each compartment opens up exciting business activities. These include restaurants, amusement parks, casinos, and helipads. There are many other businesses that can grow on a cruise ship. Visitors are the main source of income. Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to attract a large number of passengers on board. Through construction and upgrade missions. From there, it is possible to improve business locations on cruise ships. Each business location displays different parameters. Include the amount of income, the number of people it can accommodate, the number of people in line. Along with the time in seconds or minutes.Game Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod

More than 150 missions, upgrades

More than 150 different missions you need to perform during cruise ship business. Each mission at Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod plays a very important role. The huge decision to the effect is achieved after a period of trading. Some tasks can be mentioned such as building facilities. Build elevators, restaurants, hire a customer relationship manager. Or improve the casino, build more new facilities. There are many other missions waiting for you to discover. To perform the requested tasks, it is necessary to use money. Along with that, do not forget to upgrade the facilities on the ship. Similar to performing tasks, if you want to upgrade, you also have to spend money. But you need to take note after each upgrade. The amount to upgrade for the next time will increase.Tai Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod

Two major currencies

At Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod there are two main currencies. Includes dollars and gold coins. Each currency is used for different activities. Depending on the business activities on the cruise ship. You need to use the corresponding currency to do so. For example, dollars are used to upgrade facilities. Gold coins are used to build facilities. Or hire a director to assist in the ship management process. To become a rich tycoon, possessing a huge fortune. You need to continuously invest to increase your returns over time. Gradually, when it is stable, you can idle to earn money. At the same time, assets owned will constantly increase.Download Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod

The simulation game Idle Cruise Ship Tycoon Mod is designed with bright graphics. Vivid picture quality, thanks to the built-in 3D graphics. Meet your usage needs. At the same time, the game focuses mainly on management and business activities. So the graphics do not affect the experience too much. Image of the ship on the blue sea. Along with the fun activities of the visitors on the ship. Their shape is very impressively reproduced. Interesting sound quality mix. Shown through the funny background music. Helps players not get bored after a while.

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