Idle Car Factory Mod APK 14.3.7 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Car Factory Mod APK 14.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Car Factory Mod APK 14.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 14, 2022
Name Idle Car Factory: Car Builder, Tycoon Games 2021
Version 14.3.7
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 92MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher LudosLabs: Idle Factory Tycoon
Update March 14, 2022 (4 months ago )

Idle Car Factory Mod is an idle game that simulates the process of building and developing a car manufacturing company. Join the game to form a company of your own. Start everything from the first stage. A series of management tasks of a boss for you to perform. Apply your knowledge to effectively manage the company. Offer the most suitable strategies for the company to go up. Find a way to get the product to the consumer. Make a lot of money from each car to make a huge profit. Continue to expand the company to many different locations. Constantly develop and improve your company. Gradually, you will build a powerful empire in the car manufacturing industry. After completing the production system, as well as the company’s sales system. You can idle earn a lot of money, just tap, and tap.

Download Idle Car Factory Mod – Build Your Empire in the Car Manufacturing Industry

To build a car factory in Idle Car Factory Mod. A modern, advanced production line will be needed. A transmission line is divided into many different stages. Each stage of assembling a separate part, after completing all stages. You can only create a complete car to bring to customers. On the production line, workers are required. Each person takes on a separate job in the car production process. Over time, the progress of the work is increasing, which means that the workers have to work at a high frequency. Try to upgrade the line to be able to automate production. Help the workers in the company work more efficiently. Also, make sure they work really hard to make the best cars.Game Idle Car Factory Mod

Hire employees for each department

I am the boss of a car manufacturing company in the game Idle Car Factory Mod. You do not have to directly manufacture the car, but have to do a lot of different management jobs. One of them is recruiting employees to work for the company. The game offers 10 different types of workers. Includes fabricators, repairmen, assemblers, and testers. Each worker when standing on the production line will have to take on a separate task. Just like manufacturing a car will need to follow a process. Starting from the builder, take on the job of making the chassis. Next is the tire assembler, the engine assembler. Finally to the tire assembler completes a car. Car production will be on an automated line. Each worker will stand at a position arranged by you.Tai Idle Car Factory Mod

Business development

At Idle Car Factory Mod your company is not a single car factory. You will have competitors, other famous car manufacturing companies. Therefore, if you want your business to grow. As well as going further, to become a powerful empire in the car manufacturing industry. It will be necessary to optimize production, upgrade vehicle parts fabrication and assembly stations. At the same time reducing production costs, offering prices suitable to the market of consumers. From there, you will attract a large number of interested customers. Help them feel secure when buying a car made by your factory. Gradually, the company’s brand will become famous. This will help the company to quickly sell out the car after production.Idle Car Factory Mod

More than 20 types of vehicles

Idle Car Factory Mod owns more than 20 types of cars for you to produce. Each type of vehicle is designed with impressive styling. As well as the manufacturing process is also different. Depending on the type of vehicle you choose to produce, the production line will have to change accordingly. Typical cars such as Minivan, Pick-Up, Van, Truck, Combi,… and many more. Along with the vehicle selection, the production cost for each vehicle will be different. That is, the amount of each car, when sold to customers, is not the same. However, you need to find out and choose the right car for the market of each location. Since then, production has started and can be sold in large quantities to customers.Dowload Idle Car Factory Mod

In Idle Car Factory Mod there are many different locations. For example, a forest, a small village, a city, and many other places. Each location has its own environmental conditions, you need to research the location before production. Because customers of each place will have different car use needs. For example, in a city location, customers often travel by car or supercar. But in mountainous areas, new pickup trucks can meet their needs. Because road conditions, as well as the surrounding environment, greatly affect the purchase of a car.

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