Idle Arks Mod APK 2.3.10 (Unlimited Money, Resources)
Idle Arks Mod APK 2.3.10 (Unlimited Money, Resources)

Idle Arks Mod APK 2.3.10 (Unlimited Money, Resources)

By LMH - June 29, 2022
Name Idle Arks: Build at Sea
Version 2.3.10
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Resources
Size 102MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Casual, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher BHome
Genre ,
Update June 29, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Idle Arks Mod is a survival-style game, but the difference is that this is a survival game in the sea, you will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean around the immense water. You can unleash your creativity to overcome the set tasks, learn and discover new things about your surroundings. This is an extremely interesting game released by Bhome on the android platform, quickly download the game to be creative, you will feel interesting things when playing.

Download Idle Arks Mod – Survive in the Ocean

The game Idle Arks Mod is created based on the situation when the earth disaster occurred, the storm was too big to create waves, rising to the water level causing great damage. It makes the water overflow everything, flooding all the towns, the people, etc. There are probably only a few left in the whole world.

You will be transformed into a character with a chest that can still be floated on the water, around you now is a vast amount of water that cannot see the land. What you need to do is explore, create and find the remaining resources to build a larger territory. Rebuild the city to save the survivors and uncover the unknown ancient ruins.

Idle Arks Build at Sea

How to play the game Idle Arks Mod

With boxy graphics, you will live on a box floating on the sea, what you need now is to try to pick up the remaining things floating on the sea. You need to pick up pieces of wood with the ability to build, quickly open more territory, when your territory is spacious enough, plant more trees. When it matures you can harvest and cut wood because in this game wood is extremely important. You must try to be able to survive, escape the hidden dangers.

If you pay attention, there is sometimes a positive number on the water surface, when you open it, you can get treasures and valuable resources.

Save more people left

In addition to the resources left on the water such as wood and chests, there are still humans left floating in the sea after the flood, try to save those people alive. Let them help me, and cooperate with me to build a large city. Add people and you will be stronger, they are people who have the ability to build a beautiful boat. In order for them to help, you need to choose whether they control-clicking on the resource to earn or choose to build. They also need periods of rest that you can’t disturb until they wake up. If you discover more new lands, there is a possibility that you will get more people.

Game Idle Arks Build at Sea

Discover more new lands

When you complete a mission or have a star, you can open new seas for you to explore. Hack Idle Arks Mod you build, perform the task of building stairs and structures for the boat as required, earning stars when meeting the requirements, the boat will be automatically moved to a new area, new discovery location. With different interesting things waiting for you new landscapes, people and different missions are waiting for you to do.

Other Resources

In addition to items such as wood or trees, there are also animals such as ducks, pigs, or chickens you can raise them to be friends and they also provide useful items such as chickens that lay eggs or pigs can get meat. Money is also a very important thing in the game, if you want to get it, you must complete the assigned tasks. They are used to unlock new locations or skip unnecessary ads, gain rewards.

Graphics Idle Arks Mod

Designed in the form of a boxy world like other boxy games, Idle Arks Mod game has its own interesting part when it is survival at sea with a separate story and can customize the weather according to you. settings such as sunny weather, thunderstorms, snowfall. It has a different perspective from other survival games where the resources are collected in the sea, not as diverse as the resource-gathering games on land.

Download Idle Arks Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

When entering the game Idle Arks Mod you will no longer have to rely on money or resources anymore, as you can use them to open new places to explore without it being used up. With unlimited resources, you can unleash your creativity, build a boat with everything, build a house, stack trees, raise animals, you will be very leisurely when playing without having to be full, you will run out of resources. The more you use it, the more your resources and money will increase.

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